Creating a Powerful Website With WordPress


Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmAn effective marketing strategy designed to reach a wide audience is necessary in today’s competitive marketplace; building a strong website is a great way to achieve such a goal. It can be expensive, especially for companies just starting out with a very tight budget – but it is certainly not impossible. If a good Texas web design firm cannot be afforded, it is recommended to use an open source platform like WordPress. Following is some important information about this software and some creative ways to create an impressive website.

Important Features

Before using any type of software, it is important to know exactly what it can offer to its users. WordPress is completely free because it is an open source program; this means that the software can be used by anyone for personal or commercial purposes as long as the user is willing to abide by the license agreement. It is also a user-friendly program, with many tutorials available online so a beginner does not need to have a whole lot of experience, just diligent enough to start searching and learning from the available online resources.

Another good feature about this particular program is that it offers a large collection of free website themes; however, if these themes don’t satisfy company’s needs, there are other less expensive ones. Another option is to hire a Texas web design firm to develop the right one to meet business requirements.

Compatibility wise, WordPress offers a huge range of no-cost extended plug-ins that can make a website appear exactly as desired. The code it uses complies with the World Wide Web consortium standards, which means the page will be compatible with all browsers.

Impressive Design

Impressive results can be achieved with a highly optimized website appealing to both search engine robots and prospective customers. It is also important to know with all the features offered by WordPress, there are ways in which it may hinder SEO endeavors. Following are a few simple tips that can help avoid such issues.

  • Review Codes – Be sure before using that the final product is free from anything that would prevent the search bots from seeing the pages.
  • Quality Content – An attractive page that will draw visitors must also be seen by the search engines. So provide high quality content which is also a good SEO practice.
  • Correct Placement – WordPress puts readable content on top with styling elements at the bottom. For better optimization, change this placement as most search engines scan content from the top down.
  • Keyword Placement – Be sure that key words or phrases in the content are also in the links and titles to help achieve better ranking.
  • Helpful Features – Use helpful features such as blogrolls, trackbacks and pingbacks which are built-in programs that help achieve backlinks; this will also help with better ranking.
  • Good Design – A well-designed website will make navigation easier, which is helpful for web spiders to efficiently crawl through the site, ultimately increasing ranking.

Learning some important features and following the helpful tips outlined above will surely result in an impressive website. In addition, working with a nearby Texas web design firm to ensure a website is properly designed can help push a company to the top of the search engine rankings!

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