Content Marketing and SEO – What Exactly Does It Mean?


Website structureIn the past few years as more updated Google algorithms have hit the internet, each has brought about its own necessity for certain changes. Algorithm updates are a regular thing as Google continually attempts to keep low quality websites from ranking, while helping high quality sites to increase in ranking. Austin SEO specialists have been kept busy making the changes needed to follow all of these updated search tools – and with another recent release of Penguin 2.0, keeping up hasn’t gotten any easier. In an interesting turn of events, it seems Penguin 2.0 has changed the way SEO should be addressed in general – and it may be a good thing.

Content Marketing and SEO

Until recently, content marketing was considered anything that web professionals used to plan, organize, create, and optimize content and media for a website to keep it functioning alongside SEO campaigns being marketed as well. It involves layout concerns, content topics, formatting for optimization, publishing dates, social media, and anything that could be considered support for improving existing optimization efforts. Although content marketing and management as well as SEO marketing and management have usually been considered two separate parts of the process, they actually overlap in some areas, with both doing the same tasks.

SEO and Penguin 2.0

When Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm was released, changes were made that affected both Austin SEO as well as content management and marketing. Trying to further weed out spam and low quality sites from ranking when they shouldn’t, this update has been more strict with how it handles things like benefits from incoming links and other problems areas in order to still allow for advertorials and other spam to pass through any filters.

What has happened is that in order to avoid the spam filters and still gain benefit from content, incoming links, and more, efforts had to parallel the main SEO efforts. Naturally, at the top of that list is creating high quality content that is current and relevant while attracting natural links and traffic as a result.

Yesterday’s SEO = Today’s Content Marketing

Numerous Austin SEO specialists have noted the similarities and changed some work procedures to handle managed site content the same way planned optimization has been done. What many are saying at this point is that the similarity is so great that content marketing essentially IS the SEO of today. In light of this, what is being seen is that content creators are learning necessary optimization techniques as well. Conversely, SEO experts are learning more about the creation and handling of content, even if not actually creating it, so that both methods bridge the gap between the two separate functions.

In the near future, it is possible that separate optimization will essentially be replaced by content marketing, although it will be in name only as both have become the same job with the same necessary attributes.

While Austin website design will always be a continual progression, requiring a need to learn more to keep up to date with current techniques, the good thing is that it is getting easier to manage both Austin SEO and content marketing. By incorporating both sets of tasks into the same main job, the changes happening with today’s search algorithms can be handled in a more consistent manner!

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  1. SEO work can take time to see results but it also doesn’t seem to stop either. Is this truly an ongoing effort to maintain your Google position or keep moving up?

    • The only way to do SEO well is to constantly update content, whether it’s with your blog or new sliders or new call-to-action buttons. You have to keep making it relevant so that people keep coming back. You can do a lot to increase your SEO, such as blogging and that sort of thing, but the main thing to do is generate traffic through other sources.

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