Content Editing – What Should You Be Doing?


Content is the basis of every website – the main reason why a website is developed. Without good, relevant content that delivers a brand’s message, a website is worthless. Content is not a stand-alone element that is added to a website at the last minute when designers are finished. To obtain good SEO results and the best web design in College Station Texas, content editing is vital to website success.

The Value of Content Editing

A business or brand depends upon a good website reputation to be successful. Through the implementation of the best web design in College Station TX, a website can portray a business or brand name in the most professional and credible light possible. A large part of doing this involves being sure that website information is accurate and correctly presented – with proper grammar, punctuation, etc. With poorly edited material, the message is frequently lost in the errors – which Google notices as well. Google wants to see quality content – and the way to make this happen is with good content editing.

Different Types of Content Editing

Editing is more than just running copy through a spell and grammar checker. There are a number of different ways to complete content editing that compliments great web design in College Station. This may be done by different people, at various stages, such as those referenced below:

  • Copy Editing and Proofreading – For content to be correct, it must both convey the necessary message and do it correctly. Proofreading and copy editing overlap somewhat, as they are both part of ensuring that copy is technically and grammatically correct. Copy editing goes one step further to include style as well as the use of correct terminology.
  • Checking Fact – This involves checking references, research, and facts used within content to ensure accuracy and validity.
  • Substantive Editing – This editing is done to ensure information is presented in a clear and effective way – that any arguments are understandable and conclusions accurately reached by the information.
  • SEO Adherence – Once content has been through all other types of editing, SEO editing ensures that it attains chosen optimization goals in terms of use of keywords, copy presentation, and keeping content as cohesive and natural-sounding as possible.

Managing Content Editing

For effective College Station TX web design to include accurate and complete editing, there should be at least one person who can differentiate between the various types of editing and apply them. The SEO expert performs SEO editing; a good content editor capable of applying the various types of editing can perform the rest. The most important thing is that the five above areas be addressed, that content be seamlessly incorporated into the design to become part of the SEO process.

To provide clients with the best web design in College Station Texas, designers must stress the importance of content quality and editing. Most clients don’t understand this – they feel this is the least of their concerns. They place more importance of good website appearance and maybe proper functioning. What they need to understand is that content editing is an essential to achieve good SEO results – and gain Google’s approval!

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