Contemporary Web Design Part 2 – Building


In the first part of this two-part series on modern web design in College Station Texas, the importance of starting with a great beginning and a solid foundation was discussed. Once that foundation has been laid, web design then involves a few key ingredients to mold it into a finished product that puts those initial elements to practical use. With the right additions, any website can function efficiently and become a brand’s best tool for success.

Interactive User Design

Building on top of the basics, the next challenge in modern web design in College Station is creating a site that visitors like to use. It must do what it should in the easiest way possible and provide a good user experience.

Designing the best navigational menu, among other things, is so important. This involves researching target audiences and then working to please them. It also involves testing and adjusting until the website’s interface gets the best results from users with the least amount of effort. The only things a user should be thinking about is if they want to buy what is offered, not how to use the website.

There are many reasons why site interaction is so important that go far beyond the website itself. Providing a good user experience pays for itself many times over in reputation, brand recognition, and repeat business.

Performance and Accessibility

Another important aspect of efficient web design is having easy accessibility and good website performance. This means everything from fast page loading to viewing and navigation options.

Determining important features, such as adjustable font size, keyboard and mouse compatibility, and even usage by the deaf and blind, depend on the audience being served. These accessibility factors should be considered to provide the best user experience. Decreased loading time will also increase satisfaction and conversions.

Aesthetic Design

Once all web design functional decisions have been made, it is time for the icing on the proverbial cake – visual design. This comes last, since how a site looks should be less important than its function. Implementing specific design ideas should only take place after user-based elements are already in place.

How to proceed with website appearance is part of the web design process; however, design should not be more important than the inclusion of other, more important elements that affect function. Once all functional options have been outlined, elements like typography, use of white space and other visual trends can come into play. With today’s modern functional needs, this leaves a number of fresh and innovative visual ideas that are becoming very popular, and seeing much success for the websites that use them.

By following this basic process of laying a good foundation and then building on that foundation, it is possible to have a great looking and functional website. As long as the web design begins with establishing goals, content, and how to reach the most users, the way has been paved for the design elements that make a website user-friendly, attractive, and accessible. This is what every website owner needs – and every website user wants!

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