Consider Designing Your Own Website Font!


It is imperative when having a website created by a Texas webTexas_Web_Design design company to understand that detail is important; neglecting small items that appear petty could actually be quite detrimental to achieve desired results. It is not true that only large features deserve all the attention; even the selection of fonts in the content are important.

When fonts are properly used and applied, visitors will take notice. If it is neglected, content may not be read simply because of its appearance. Following are some of the things to consider when it comes to designing a font for a website.


Creating a new font is often an artistic expression rather than a business necessity, as it takes a great deal of time and a lot of creativity. It is even more difficult for a business to achieve a professional look for a website, so consider the following benefits first.

  • Time Saving – Finding the right font on the internet is actually very time-consuming as there are so very many professional and amateur ones available. Thanks to the help of bloggers, creating a personal font can be accomplished sometimes in less time than it would take to look at all the others ones available.
  • Professional Touch – Fonts available on the internet are often created by amateurs and look unprofessional; investing in the creation of a new font with a polished look may be the best choice.
  • Sense of Pride – Font designers can enjoy the honor naming that masterpiece in honor of a mother, a spouse – or even themselves. The effort invested is well worth such a lifetime accomplishment.


Achieving a professional result requires two major details: time and a solid design background. Conceptualizing, establishing and creating a final outcome takes many hours of work and great attention to detail since meticulous attention is required. A solid design background is needed as certain rules must be followed to achieve good results.

Tips for Amateurs

An experienced Texas web design company will know how to work with certain software to achieve a polished-looking font; beginners will need some help. Following are some simple steps to take.

  • Pen and Paper – Begin the layout for a font with pen and paper. Most experts use such a never-out-of-fashion design tool.
  • Create a Template – Using a template with the projected character can be helpful, allowing the designer to have control over the size. Draw only within the character box and never use a ball point pen that could limit scaling details.
  • Compare Characters – Characters can be compared by using the word “hamburgefonts.” This a test word often used to evaluate the look and feel of a final font outcome, as it contains most of the shapes and strokes found in a typeface. Using these characters can help a designer fine tune the letter design.
  • Be Patient – Creating and deleting over and over again should be expected throughout the process, so try to avoid frustration and remember that patience is a virtue and simply part of the procedure.
  • Make Changes – When the letters are ready to be used as the font base, scan the paper at the best resolution as possible, 300dpi is recommended. Use Adobe Photoshop to improve the contrast, delete any white spaces, adjust luminosity and correct any other small errors.
  • Import Final Product – After final changes or improvements are made, it is time to import and convert it to vector format. Software is available online for this, so choose one that works best.

By using the knowledge referenced above, creating a font that is appealing and professional looking can be done. For most companies, consulting with an experienced Texas web design firm is probably a wise decision in order to understand all the pros and cons of this difficult but rewarding process. Let the small detail of a unique font design be a rewarding experience!

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