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Search Engine MarketingAre you in the process of building your first online business and wondering how much you will lose and gain by marketing your product online? Are you wondering how much you will profit if you establish an internet business? If you keep on wondering and thinking about these things without taking any action, you will end up with nothing! How will you know the results if you don’t start your business right now and take the necessary steps to gain more sales and profits?

Put Thought into Action

You probably have a pre-planned online marketing strategy related to your internet business to produce massive sales, earn a lot of profits and rapidly increase your return of investment. You have to put that in action to determine if it will really work. It is more beneficial to apply your ideas rather than confine them to your brain!

Recognize that Competition Does Exist

Competition is very difficult to market your business on the internet. It’s a win-win process though. You really have to do your own research on how to beat your online competition or better yet, seek the advice of an online marketing professional. The truth is, establishing an online business is easy; gaining page ranking and online visibility is a bit more difficult.

Develop a Search Engine Marketing Plan

To conquer the online competition in your niche market, you need to have a dynamic and effective online marketing strategy that will serve as your instrument to defeat all your competition. Search engine marketing is a master plan that will lead to increased page ranking, proper positioning, and a volume of traffic resulting in a rapid return of investment and abundant profits. This strategy will give your competitors a run for their money!

Page Ranking Lacks Great Importance

On October 15, 2009, Susan Moskwa, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, said that website owners should not give great importance on page ranking because it’s already been removed from Google’s webmaster tools. Are you surprised by this revelation? Accept it as fact. Use this knowledge to gain advantage in your online business. Change your mind setting; don’t give more value on getting higher page ranking because it’s just a waste of valuable time and energy. Your main focus now is to make your website visible and engaging for the net surfers to gain volume of traffic that converts to sales.

Gain Internet Visibility

There are many ways to gain visibility in the cyber world. Consider the following:

  1. You can submit your website to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN.
  2. You can advertise your website and products to social media such as an online discussion sites, weblogs, podcasts and social bookmarking.
  3. You can post your business to a social network service like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and many others to be recognized.
  4. You can create newsletters and send them to various social bookmarking sites for exposure.

Use Organic SEO

Most importantly, Search engine marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization can help improve your visibility online through organic search results. What is that? One example of organic SEO is to post articles you have written to Article Directories. Visitors to these directories can in turn post your article to their website. The advantage is that your article contains a link back to a particular page that you want to target on your website. When the search engines find this link from your article on another website that leads back to your website, the engines rank your page and website higher each time they find such a link.

Targeted Visitors Importance

Targeted visitors are important to search engine marketing as they bring targeted web site traffic. We need to emphasize the word targeted visitors here because we are reaching out to searchers who are already interested in the type of products you are selling. To reach your targeted visitors, you need to optimize your site for the search engines. This includes choosing relevant targeted keywords or phrases and creating unique, fresh and informative content. A highly optimized site can attract a great deal of visitors.

Value of Useable and Navigable Website

In combination with the above plan for search engine marketing, the usability and navigability of your site must also be given a great amount of value so that your prospective customers will not wind up leaving your site because of an unfavorable site experience. Your customer will most likely revisit your site because of their experience on a previous visit. If you seek to achieve great consumer experiences, you will be flooded with online traffic through an inspired loyalty to your products. It is very nice to see that you are attracting more visitors because you render exceptional customer satisfaction through usability and navigability. A user-friendly site is indeed a great factor that keeps prospect customers and generates online traffic.

Develop a Search Engine Marketing Strategy

To overcome obstacles and gain a successful ending to the internet battles, you as a website owner must develop and formulate search engine marketing strategies that will overcome the competition that lays siege to your position. By expanding your online visibility, you are not only advertising your products or goods but you are also establishing back links which result in increased page ranking. In spite of what Susan Moskwa of Google said, it is desirable for your website to show on the first page of a search response. Just keep the value of page rank in a proper perspective as to its value.

Ways to Expand Visibility

Remember, when you join forums, submit your website to search engine directories, create an ezines, publish an article and submitting it to social bookmarking, you are substantiating your value to the search engines which leads to a higher page ranking. This is one way to say that an increased online visibility is proportionate to an increased page ranking. The more you expand your visibility, the higher your page ranking. Do you get the point?

To win the war in search engine marketing, try to focus on expanding your online visibility and increasing your traffic to increase your online page ranking. I am sure through this process you are developing a unique approach to conquer your online competition. Your goal of a rapid increase in ROI and abundant profits can easily be reached through this process. You will surely achieve the pinnacle of success in online businesses!

Chris Hunter is an expert in Web Design and Search Engine Marketing and runs a blog about Internet Marketing techniques. He has been designing websites since 1994 both as a hobby and now professionally. He is currently VP of Operations for Web Unlimited based north of Houston, TX. To find out more about Search Engine Marketing, go to:


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  1. To get earnings from net, most of us are thinking. If we pre-planned online marketing strategy related to our online business to promote sales, we should earn a lot of profits and rapidly increase our return of investments………………………..

    For this achievements , your mentioned Gain Internet Visibility are the key functions.

  2. To get earnings from net, most of us are thinking. If we pre-planned online marketing strategy related to our online business to promote sales, we should earn a lot of profits and rapidly increase our return of investments

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