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Houston SEO TrendsCreating a website is an evolving process, a constant pursuit to finding an effective means of delivering content to a particular audience. Since computer hardware is also evolving with the increasing popularity of tablets and smart phones as ways to access the internet, the evolution of web design is also focused on meeting the demands of mobile users. One of the current trends that a Texas website designer can use to meet the needs of mobile users is responsive web design.


Responsive web design is a method of website building that uses cascading style sheets. Instead of having all content placed on one static page, individual elements from the header to the images to other features are separated into several sections. The goal is to have a web page that is fluid and can adjust automatically to display optimally on various device resolutions.


Although this building method has been around for years, it has recently gained in popularity because of mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets. This popularity is due to the fact that static pages intended for desktop viewing are very difficult to browse with mobile devices. Users often have to scroll horizontally and vertically to view an entire page.

Responsive web design created by a Texas website designer is sensitive to resolution on mobile devices and can adjust automatically for optimal display. Instead of being arranged horizontally, features such as header images and others can line up vertically so users simply have to scroll vertically to read all content.


Content layout can readjust whenever a user zooms in or out. For users, this layout makes it possible to scan through all content without missing any important element without too much scrolling. According to Texas website designer information, using responsive web design has so much more to offer.

  • SEO Advantage – One of the common solutions for mobile phone usage is to build parallel sites specific for mobile users. This approach presents some difficulties because there are two copies of the content and without the right application, Google could mistakenly identify the mobile version as a duplicate. With responsive web design, there is only one version of the website so crawlers can scan it, index it and rank it.

  • Cross Compatible – Responsive web design is cross compatible which means it will display optimally regardless of the platform that is being used.

  • Cost Effective – Desktops, tablets and phones usually need different versions because of the varying screen sizes and resolution between these platforms. In addition, building and maintenance can be quite expensive with several versions of the same page. Responsive pages may cost a little more to initially create; however, it remains cost effective when targeting a broad range of users.

  • Easy to Maintain – Maintenance is also relatively easy with responsive websites. With only one website, an entire site can be updated without having to do the same thing on parallel versions. The update will appear as it is on all platforms.

In summary, changing to responsive website design is an ideal route for improving cross compatibility between popular display platforms ranging from desktops to tablets to smart phones. This type of design allows for: user-friendly functioning on all platforms; search engine optimization; and maintenance ease. Responsive web design can certainly provide better website viewing on all different devices!

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