Can Website Articles Be Too Long – And Why?


Houston_SEO_ServicesEveryone can write articles but not everybody can write good website articles; however, written content is essential for Austin Tx SEO endeavors. Visitors and customers are searching for valuable information about certain products and services before a purchase is made. It is important to provide enough information to answer any questions, yet it cannot be too long. But how much is too long? That answer will certainly vary depending upon exactly what is needed. Determining the length of an internet article can be achieved; listed below are some important points to consider.

Enough – But Not Too Much

Providing sufficient information is a subjective decision, as too much can be very detrimental. The concept of providing enough information to users can be compared to a similar situation with diet selection. Too much food can be harmful; however, proper food selection and intake is more beneficial to the body. Discipline comes in as individual picks from the banquet table the right food to eat. This is also true with online facts provided to support any Austin Tx SEO ; it is important to offer adequate facts and knowledge that will provide a reader the greatest benefit.

Shorter Rather Than Longer

Picture and story books are great tools to help children fall asleep; note that children tend to go to sleep about the middle of a book. It seems that their brains just cease to accept any more information. No one wants this to happen with internet articles. When the length is too long, a reader’s interest can be lost and a decision made to find other more concise resources. Below are some tips to make an article just the right length.

  • Provide Context – Readers don’t usually want a lot of detail, preferring instead to find maybe one fact or detail right away. Offer the obvious meaning of the article right away to avoid having to delve further into an article.
  • Get to the Point – Tell something directly and avoid giving too much sugar-coated information. Bullet points are a great tool to provide a clearer view of the content.
  • Be Objective – Don’t waste time offering both sides of a story in detail. Offer one objective opinion that leads directly to the overall goal.
  • Keep Facts Current – Unless the article is about past history, deliver the most updated version of the facts as this is what readers want to know – not information from the past.
  • Use Inverted Pyramid Concept – Write the most crucial information at the beginning and leaving the details to later in the article for reading if desired.
  • Have a Good Closing – Be sure to have a summary paragraph at the end to include the central point and not leave readers wondering if the article is done.

Some articles are written in multiple postings, with no one article covering the entire subject. This style should be avoided as it requires a reader to click to another article just to find certain facts or knowledge. It is an inappropriate writing style to use on websites and should not be used except in rare exceptions. It is definitely not a user-friendly concept.

Website content should be concise and just in-depth enough to provide desired information. Try to shorten the story without eliminating needed information. Another important point is the value of using bullets to identify particular areas of interest to readers; bullets provide the ability for readers to focus more on scanning content for information. So the help of the above facts, make that next article the best content way to leverage an Austin Tx SEO strategy!

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  1. Great article and It was nice to see things like the pyramid scheme and bullet methods In action. just like you said, short and to the point enough to keep me interested but long enough to get all the information! Thanks!

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