Business and Domain Name Choices Are Vital


Austin_SEOChoosing the right business and domain name is important to Houston SEO and ultimately the success of a website. Some are chosen randomly or based on instincts alone; however, with a little research choosing the right one could supplement a website’s marketing efforts.

Domain Name Importance

The domain name serves as a label for numeric web address; however, actuality it plays an important role in making a website user friendly. Here are reasons carefully think about this before a decision is made.

  • Company Representation – In the internet world, the name of a business or domain is the first thing that people see and is usually the basis of a first impression about the organization. Seeing a poorly chosen name says much about that company and a poor choice could reflect a business is incompetent.
  • Identification – First-time visitors can easily return without a bookmark if the address of the website is easy to remember. On the other hand, using difficult to remember and hard to spell ones may make it hard for users to quickly return.
  • Search Engine Optimization – A well thought out domain name can also benefit a Houston SEO campaign. If it contains keywords or variations with little competition and many searches, it can easily rise to the top of search engine results pages.

Selection Process

Since keywords and the domain name are huge factors in SEO strategies, they should be incorporated together. Use a relevant keyword that reflects what a business is about and the product or service being sold. Google has a free tool to help determine the best keyword. For example, if a business is about roof products and repair, it would good to use the keyword “roof repair” and search for good quality keyword variations.

A good keyword is one with a high search volume and low competition. High search volume means that many searches are being done for that keyword. Low competition means that there are few websites using that keyword and lowers the competition for gaining an end-result sale.

When choosing a keyword to be used in a business’s name, be sure that it is relevant. It would be pointless to have a high quality keyword that doesn’t really relate to the actual topic, product, or service that is being provided. Search engines would find it misleading and might not index the website for that particular keyword. After choosing several potential variations, go to different domain portfolios and find available domain names closely reflecting that keyword. Then it is just a matter of choosing suitable ones for any budgetary constraints.

A business and domain name is important for website success. It is best to spend some time researching a name before making such an important decision. Hopefully, the above information has provided helpful information on how to choose the right business and domain name based on keywords.

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