Build Great Website Traffic With Social Networks


The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is soaring because people around the world are looking Houston_Search_Engine_Optimizationfor fun, opportunities and promotions. Because of this, a business can take advantage of a free opportunity to generate more website traffic which can be very beneficial in a Houston search engine optimization strategy. Following is information to help learn how to build great website traffic with social networks.

  • Profile – All social networks have a profile section. This is where a business should begin to bring in more visitors by creating an interesting profile; it should not be overstated but rather be lean and factual. If a user is interested in comments, blogs, video or pictures, the person’s profile who posted such items is usually checked. If found interesting, a viewer may stick around and even look deeper into the account. It is important to be cautious with a profile as personal information may be exposed that could compromise privacy. If this is a concern, then open two accounts – one for business and the other personal.
  • Video – There are sometimes great video postings that are watched over and over again, often being recommended to friends. This is known as “going viral” and could be a great tool to gain more traffic if the video is liked and shared on their wall. For even more exposure, creatively insert the company’s logo and website URL. Be sure that videos are search-friendly by including keywords in the title or description and even in tags, being careful not to overdo it. Avoid long clips that could bore audiences. Make it short, concise, add some humor, and if possible, make a series so viewers can enjoy more later on.
  • Comments – Commenting is a good way to socialize and promote products and services. Tweets and wall shout-outs are typically posted on a friend’s wall every time it is updated. Compose interesting comments which apply to current discussions or subjects. By leaving remarks on a regular basis, a business gains the opportunity to get more traffic. This can become almost a full-time occupation yet is worth the effort since it can be of great help in a Houston search engine optimization strategy.
  • Apps and Widgets – Everyday there are new apps and gadgets being released by Facebook, Twitter, and others. Some apps can be quite useful in cutting down the amount of time spent on the various social networks. For example, to save time when posting, take advantage of a widget that allows for cross-postings from one social network to another.

Being well informed about the latest trends in social networking can be an added advantage to a Houston search engine optimization strategy. With the right profile, quality videos, interesting comments, and helpful apps and widgets, a business can expect to increase website traffic with social networks!

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    • You should take advantage of all social media. To make it easier, Facebook and Twitter can link up so if you post to Facebook it will automatically post to Twitter as well.

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