Branding and Website Design Depend on Each Other!


Texas Website Designer (2)Being recognized online is a critical part of e-commerce; having a public presence that easily allows web surfers to see something visual about a company’s name, website, and offered products is the main reason to develop brand recognition. In order for a skilled Texas website designer to bring website ideas to life, it must be very clear in the mind of the designer the industry represented, the company’s sales goal, and the audience being served. With such knowledge, it is possible to develop the right logo and branding for any company.

Brand – More Than Just A Logo

Prominent, familiar, and trusted logos are usually remembered as is the business it represents, which is the purpose of branding. Although association with the logo is important, true brand development means much more than just a logo. Establishing a good identity that enhances the logo and increases recognition of a business is important as well.

General design used for a company both online and offline is an important part of building recognition. It may involve using the same colors and typeface in the same way within a brand’s advertising, communications, and all other information created as part of marketing. It may involve the same shapes even if other aspects are changed; it must keep the same recognizable brand identity through the design to maintain that distinct company image wherever it is seen.

Website Design and Brand Recognition

After determining the logo, color scheme, and other elements, integrating it all into the website design must be achieved. The process involves having a Texas website designer use the logo details to create a website using the same unique design elements. It is consistency between the two parts that helps develop an association between logo and website. Using the same or complimentary colors and hues, typeface, and general design style with all advertising, apparel/uniforms, equipment, and more is an attainable goal.

It is possible to look around and easily find a product or image from a company with a highly recognizable brand identity, which allows for a familiar company to be recognized even when only part of the whole design is present. A perfect example is how some brand favorites with specific identifiable elements have become so well-known that most people know which company it is even without seeing the logo; just from seeing the back of a package or an employee’s style and color of dress – perhaps think of Fed-Ex or UPS here to get the idea.

This is the kind of recognition any business could dare hope to achieve. The way to start the process is always with a Texas website designer creating a fitting logo to go with a website built to incorporate the same details.

It is difficult to dispute that most of the large, well-known, and respected companies have achieved such recognition by logos and visual presentation more than by its name; this is the goal when designing a great, effective website. A Texas website designer would advise that consistency is a very important part of this, a consistency that carries through all parts of a company – creates a respected and noticeable brand identity!

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    • Brand is how people feel about your product; the design of the site and its usability are essential components of that feeling and thus essential components of brand. The Web is more and more the way in which people interact most with your brand; thus the design of the site cannot be an afterthought. A wonderfully designed, highly usable and accessible site with compelling and appropriate content is a key touchpoint for your brand; if you go to one set of designers for “brand” and another set of designers for “Web,” you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Chris

    I’d go with your point of branding the business. But then, there are a few other aspects to consider like the social networks. Having the presence in the social media has really groomed a better reputation than before, and this has made most of the business webmasters to be an addict towards the reputed social media sites. Having this in a large scale, I guess the website design gives a minimal impact than the former aspect. Isn’t it?

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