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The majority of internet users give a website about three seconds of Texas_Web_Desisu_Firmattention before deciding whether to continue browsing or leave the page. The percentage of visitors who leave immediately after viewing the front page is called the ‘Bounce Rate.’ While a portion of this consists of people who arrived on the page accidentally or had no interest in website contents, a considerable portion of bounced visitors could have been retained if the website had been created by a professional Texas web design firm.

First Impression

Ideally, the bounce rate should not be higher than fifty percent, meaning that at least half of the visitors should find the site interesting and attractive enough to continue browsing the contents. Online traffic analytics software, such as Google Analytics, can provide such a number. If this rate is higher than fifty percent, the design and content of the page should be examined to locate and fix any problems that may be deterring such initial visitors.

First impressions are the strongest and most decisive factors that can alienate users from staying or returning to that page. If a front page is cluttered with information, difficult to navigate, or designed with an unattractive color scheme, extra effort must be given to find to correct any of these glaringly-apparent design errors. Inexpensive, attention-grabbing techniques such as flash animations and sounds deter a large portion of users on principle alone as well as increase loading times, which is a strong visitor-repelling force on the internet.


Users browsing the web generally turn to sources of information that appear credible. Websites with broken links, missing images, spelling mistakes and error messages produced by faulty scripts will automatically deter visitors and leave that page alone in the depths of cyberspace. This is also the case for pages that have not been properly tested before being presented to the public. Even a website built by a Texas web design firm could have a poor viewing experience for viewers with small monitor resolution or mobile operating systems if such applications have not been taken into account during the testing phase.

Targeted Audience

If the target audience for a website has not been determined, page content could be either too non-specific or completely inappropriate for a viewer. Either way, the end result will probably be the loss of a visitor. It is imperative to use appropriate language that speaks directly to the intended viewer; knowing the targeted audience before any design has been done is imperative for an effective outcome. Even well-written content can be deterring if it is presented to the wrong reader. Basic, easy to comprehend tutorials on a given subject may be appealing to beginners; however, if the website is aimed at professionals, the targeted audience would feel patronized by the same material.

Bounce rates must be kept lower than fifty percent to maintain a solid user reader base. Internet users normally give a website only a few seconds to grab be interested and enticed into further perusal. By designing a page to be attractive to its targeted audience and easy to navigate and filled with appropriate content to establish credibility and speak to the intended reader, an expert Texas web design firm can ensure a lower bounce rate for their website and a higher conversion rate of visitors into customers!

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