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Regularly delivering content on the web, whether onsite or offsite, is an effective strategy used in Houston SEO and provides more linking opportunities and draws more traffic to the website. One of the most recent changes that Google has implemented on the subject of content delivery over the web is verified authorship.

Verified Authorship

As the name implies, this designation shows that the writer of content has a Google profile that provides identity, qualifications, and expertise to readers. When conducting a search, links for content with this designation will have a small image of the author in the bottom left corner. Clicking on the name of an author will take users to that person’s Google+ profile where additional information can be found such as previous articles that have been posted and other relevant data.


For those writing articles or posting for the internet, linking such articles to a profile on Google+ has numerous benefits.

1. The material will invite more readers to view the post. In this day and age where the internet serves as a major source of information, knowing that anyone can post anything irregardless of its validity is just a little bit scary when looking for valid information. Being able to verify the identity and qualifications of the author of the information is extremely helpful. Comparing two links, one having a verified authorship and another without, it is relatively obvious that users would choose the former.

2. The second benefit is a higher page rank on search engine results pages. In a recent statement, Google’s former CEO has said that page ranking can be effectively boosted through verified authorship. This means that authors whose pages are having a tough time getting ranked can now improve their standing by having a verified authorship.

3. The third benefit is that it allows writers to brand their work so they can be easily identified by readers from other results without having to click on the link. By going to an author’s Google+ profile, readers can also easily locate other pieces of writing posted by the author.

How to Obtain

Posting an article with a verified authorship begins with creating a profile at Google+; this requires a Google email account and an image that will be used as the writer’s profile photo. A profile can be personalized with information to establish a credible reputation as a proficient and reliable author such as school credentials, awards and recognitions. Be sure that the profile appears with any posted content by inserting a link to the profile in the author’s biography. Remember to check that all other posts are linked to the profile as well.

Relevant content is an effective SEO tool; however, it can be further enhanced by opting for verified authorship. Adding credibility with this feature will make articles the favorable option for web users and will serve as an effective SEO in Houston tool!

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