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ITexas Website Designermages are a crucial part of web design, boosting its appeal and supplementing the message being conveyed by the content. So it is important to choose the very best ones that can be found and not settling for those that are free or ones look all right. A website designer in Texas uses certain criteria to choose the right images as indicated below.

  • Contextually Relevant – Choosing images should be kept within the context of the content being delivered. One of the objectives of using such elements is that it should support or supplement the message that the content is conveying. Appropriate visual aides are most successful in delivering the full message of any website.
  • High Quality – The quality of the graphic is another important consideration. Quality is easily noticeable in the resolution, composition, lighting, and overall appearance of the visual object all of which can impact a website’s reputation. As much as possible, it is important to use optimized photos that are not pixilated, stretched, or out of focus as that only creates an impression of an amateur website.
  • Appropriately Scaled – Photos come in various sizes and types. An experienced Texas website designer will ensure that all photos are specifically meant for the desktop, laptop, and tablet users in appropriate pixel length and width. Using images that are not an ideal size can compromise web page quality and loading time. Responsive web design will ensure that all images appear as the correct size whatever device is being used for viewing. If a larger image is desired, the best choice is to give web viewers an option to view a larger and more detailed version by linking a larger size version to the scaled down image.
  • Legal to Use – There are so many images available from the internet that can be easily downloaded; however, just because an image is available does not mean that it is free for anyone to use. A website designer knows that the best option is to acquire images from legal sources that are readily available on the internet such as iStock and Xchng and Wikimedia. Be sure to read the agreements regarding usage as there are a few restrictions such as being unable to use the images to sell products.
  • Fast Downloading – A really great image will fall flat on its face if a viewer never gets to see it because its download speed is super slow. Website viewers are going to allow a few seconds for a website to load – anything longer than that will cause them to click away to another location. Don’t let any image that is selected be so large as to cause a loading speed problem.

Choosing the right images for a website is important to achieve desired success. According to website designers in Texas, a good image supplements the information that is being delivered through any text while at the same time serving as a means of enticement for all readers attention!

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    • Audrey, you’re absolutely right. Tempting as it may be, go to any of the free websites or somewhere like istock to find the images you need – the cost is small compared to what it would cost if an image owner asked to be paid for you using his image! Happy blogging!

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