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In Austin SEO strategies, blog comments are typically sought for to acquire organic links, althoughAustin_SEO comments can flood a blog site and be ignored by the search engines because of the latest algorithms that treat them as spamming. It is still possible to gain organic links in spite of the existence of this latest spamming filter. Of course, organic links can be established by building a relationship with a blogger who shares links to all followers. There are several methods for creating organic links which can help achieve SEO goals; putting these methods into practice is a good approach to achieve good page ranking.

  • Understand the Blog – Don’t just leave a comment without first reading and understanding the posting to the blog. Answering and then asking further questions is a good starting point for a solid comment. Reading to gain understanding can aid in building a connection with the blogger.

  • Provide Identification – Always include a user name to ensure that the link won’t be considered as spam that contains only keywords trying to solicit links; this is not a good practice and should be avoided by online marketers. Providing identification by leaving a name is enough to build reputation with the blogger and other readers.

  • Be Personable – One way that Austin SEO experts advise to build trust is to deal with every follower and fellow commenter with a more personal approach. Always be friendly and address each one by name when replying and giving feedback to a personal opinion regarding the post. Saying thank you with a personal touch is a much appreciated gesture that can go a long way with little effort.

  • Contribute Pertinent Remarks – It is not enough to simply say ‘nice post’, ‘great, thanks for sharing’ and ‘this is a provocative post, thanks a lot’ or agreeing with the messages of other followers. Always leave a comment applicable to the conversation to encourage others to discover and provide additional feedback that will encourage the exchange of links and spark a harmonious exchange of information. Offer constructive criticism, avoid giving condescending remarks, and be polite when replying.

  • Remain Current – Don’t forget to subscribe to the post to keep track of responses from other readers and visitors. Leave a valuable comment to create a bond with the readers as well as establish authority and credibility. Check the post regularly, give useful messages, and reply to previous threads when necessary to increase exposure and acquire more knowledge.

It is vital to remember that continual visits, replying, and commenting on a blog site can efficiently establish a relationship and provide organic links to increase traffic and page ranking. By providing valuable information to consumers through blog comments, major search engines will be more likely to consider this link building practice as a relevant cause for high ranking. By posting good blog comments, a website can attain good visibility, establish a brand, and strengthen a company’s reputation with organic links!

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    • Yes you should. If there is a blog discussing home repairs, and you offer those services, linking back to your site with a great comment will hopefully drive more visitors to your site and to your sales!

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