A Birds Eye View of Zimbra Hosting


Anyone who is familiar with Zimbra Hosting knows that getting acquainted with a new organization is so much easier now more than ever. It is primary an email hosting service and so much more. Zimbra is offered by Zimbra Hosting Partners and Internet service Providers capable of serving a domain with a couple of gigabytes. This is offered now even in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Web space maintained will vary according to the clients needs with the matching cost, of course. Everything that is going on is interconnected and can be accessed on any PC or maybe a mobile device with an internet connection. Some of the lowest costs of a Zimbra Collaboration Suite range from twenty five to eight five dollars.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Okay, why is it easier to get acquainted now if you are a newbie in a huge organization? As long as you log in to Zimbra, address books, calendars, documents are easily shared as they are changed. This will be the time when, “Sorry, I didn’t get the memo!” almost can not be used as an excuse even if everyone forgets to inform you.

But why pay someone else to manage your mailbox for you? A sizable company paying for a Zimbra domain organizes not only its email but also the whole communication system with its employees and so much more with different levels of sharing.

Zimbra Collaboration for a Steal

Ever experienced feeling left behind since no one told you? Needless to say, Zimbra greatly benefits and is meant to be offered to organizations at a large scale. Zimbra reduces the chance of this because its smart features receive all email messages in all available accounts that you currently have. It may be three different accounts from Yahoo and 5 from Gmail, it does not matter.

Simple and Advanced Zimbra Search

All important information will be categorized since the simple search feature indexes titles, message body and attachments of the email in advance. Simple search gives results in an instant in a manner likened to searching for documents in your own PC. Simple or basic search does everything complex so what you want comes on top.

Shared Zimbra Calendars

Imagine yourself not needing to contact your boss’s secretary to make an appointment. This could be done if he allowed everyone in his company to view his scheduled activities using the calendar sharing service. He is basically putting out his organizer on his available meeting schedules.

Favorite Zimbra Hosting Features

So how is it being accepted by users? Generally, the web client interface is well accepted by users. Many claim that Zimbra is way better than Microsoft Exchange. Some favorites of the web client include:

  • Conversations can be marked read or unread. Tags may also be assigned.
  • Drag and drop messages to any folder.
  • Right-click then a new menu will pop up.
  • Folders may be created and searched.
  • Paging. There are additional pages to be viewed and cycled back and forth.

Despite all of these advantages, not all countries have at least one Zimbra Hosting partner available so better check the official site for them later.

Web Unlimited offers low cost Zimbra Hosting packages based on the very popular Zimbra Open Source. If you are interested in a low-cost Microsoft Exchange Alternative, please call us toll free at 866-516-0172 today!


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