Best Web Design Tips – Can Users Log Into Your Website?


A website log-in has become an important part of website function, both for the user and the website owner. Requiring a user log-in only works when the log-in process itself works. To obtain the best web design in College Station Texas, designers must choose the right type of log-in type that fits the website and is easy to understand and use. A troublesome log-in that frustrates users completely defeats the purpose of a website.

Social vs. Email Log-in

With the rise of social media and connectivity in so many ways, it has become popular for a website to let users sign up and log-in using their Facebook or Twitter information. This is a convenience for users, as it usually involves a single click to log-in and little else. It is important to offer other alternatives for the best web design in College Station Texas, as not everyone has Facebook or Twitter. In addition, not all of those who have Facebook or Twitter will want to connect using these accounts. A website should always allow for email sign-up and log-in, or risk losing users that simply do not want to log-in with any type of social media.

Findable Log-in Without Any Distractions

Another way to lose a website audience is with a log-in that is hard to find, lacks obvious instructions, or has a sign-in page filled with other distractions. The best web design in College Station Texas now involves using responsive web design. This type of website is best served with a log-in displayed on its own separate page, with little else on that page other than the log-in box or sign-up link. This allows the user to know what is expected to log-in to the account and keeps the log-in screen free of any confusing distractions to log-in.

Forgotten Password or User Name Links

It is frustrating to users when they forget their user name and/or password. Even more frustrating and annoying is when they cannot find where to request a password reset or having their password or user name emailed to them. To prevent account abandonment due to website log-in problems, the best web design in College Station Texas must include an obvious link to retrieve forgotten passwords or user names.

Clear Log-In Box Labeling

Achieving an effortless log-in user experience can best be accomplished with a log-in box that includes familiar terms and large, plain type as part of the best web design in College Station Texas. Use familiar log-in terms that are clear to understand and use rather than anything that is confusing or worst of all – no label at all. Make it undeniably clear where and what the log-in button is so users can simply click and go.

A log-in makes a lot of sense for many websites in order to keep user information private and allow for data collection. It is essential to provide a user-friendly experience – or a log-in can do more harm than good. For the best web design in College Station Texas, remember to keep the log-in simple and convenient by using the pointers above and watch your website benefit from a great, user-friendly log-in experience!

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