Being Specific Plays an Important Role in Website Success


SEO_in_HoustonBuilding a website to establish an online presence can be achieved, as there are many different types of software with templates to handle this task. To create a properly optimized website that will entice people to take action, whether signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product, can require more than just a template – it may need design specific to that business. This is where Austin TX SEO specialists can help.

Clear Goals

Being specific about what a company has to offer should be at the forefront when building a website with an Austin, TX SEO design company. Website success is not merely defined traffic numbers; it is actually defined by the number of visitors who respond to a call-to-action or a prompt for visitors to perform a certain action on the website. If a certain product or service is being sold, then the call-to-action is aimed at getting visitors to purchase the product or avail of the services.

There are many ways to be design-specific. The layout, content, and images can be used to prompt visitors to respond. For example, a website selling an e-book about pet care may contain images related to pets; the content should also have excerpts about pet care. At the bottom of the page, a call-to-action phrase may be included as well as a button linking to the payment platform or shopping cart. This basic layout will help visitors immediately identify what products or services or product are provided by responding to the call-to-action.


Following are some of the benefits of being very specific about products and services on a website:

  • Gets Visitor’s Attention – By being specific with a design, the website may be able to attract visitors attention. Web users often skim various sites looking for certain topics and products; pages are typically scanned rather than ready word-for-word or check each link checked to see what is offered. A product-specific web design draws the immediate attention of visitors because they have most likely used a key word or phrase to find what they want. Knowing this – and designing a web page to feed such a need – will cause visitors to: find the site relevant; stay longer reading the content; and more likely take advantage of what is being offered.
  • Builds Credibility – Being specific also gives a site credibility. Think of doctors – a patient that must undergo surgery will surely go to a doctor who is a surgeon, rather than a general practitioner. In this same way, a website that includes only one particular topic may be viewed as more credible than one that offers random information.
  • Better Conversion Rate – The conversion rate is basically defined as the ratio between the number of casual visits and the number of responses to a call-to-action. Websites that are more specific have better conversion rates simply because visitors know what kind of product and service is being providing and are more likely to respond to the call-to-action.

In summary, being specific about a website design significantly affects its success in terms of Austin TX SEO as well as the conversion rate. It looks more credible, compelling, and easy to distinguish so visitors can immediately identify what is wanted and respond accordingly. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the importance of having a specific website design and the many benefits that can be gotten from such an outlook!

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