Be Sure Your SEO Techniques Are the Right Ones!


Austin_TX_SEOThe internet is one of the best marketing venues for almost every business, a great place to sell products or services globally. It is also a modern method to interact and convey an unlimited amount of information to vast audiences. The only way this can happen is to have an effective website created by an Austin TX SEO firm in a way to attract visitors who will become customers. Search engine optimization is the best way to make any website visible to browsers so that targeted buyers are reached.

Although SEO is a great way to gain visibility, there are some very damaging techniques used in an attempt to create shortcuts to control page ranking that can actually be harmful to a company’s reputation. Know the best SEO practices to ensure that a website is properly optimized and avoid the following bad techniques.

  • Keyword Usage – Keyword malpractice involves intentionally using copied, repetitive and irrelevant keywords and can seriously affect achieving a positive page rank. Google has warned about another bad technique called keyword stuffing. It is an unethical strategy used to control page ranking by camouflaging keywords. Instead, a bad user experience is provided that also causes website pages to be penalized by browsers. So manipulating keywords to affect rankings must be avoided, instead using them sparingly and in the right context.
  • Content Spinning – Another technique that an Austin TX SEO Firm will avoid is called spinning articles to generate increase ranking and using the same content with a certain percentage of words changed so it is not a duplication. Spinning is one of the fastest ways to provide information to viewers; however, to gain real traffic, content must be unique and relevant to the products being marketed. When content is spun, there is a greater tendency that directories will not accept the article or index the site due to content duplication. This can eventually lower rankings and even get a site prohibited from Google or other search engines.
  • Cloaking – Cloaking is a big optimization deception that provides different information to search engines than what can be seen by online searchers. If Google detects this kind of activity, it can result in immediate removal of the website from any browser search, a decrease in ranking and being blacklisted or prohibited from being indexed, completely defeating the goal of optimization.
  • Hidden Links – This technique is considered as an untrustworthy way to be crawled by spiders. It is identified by using white text on a white background, text on the back of an image, utilizing CSS to conceal text, or using the smallest font size. Once this practice is detected, Google will ban the website from being indexed and blacklist it as well. To achieve a good presence, be sure that text is readable both by humans and spiders.
  • Link Farms – Link farming is a spamming technique employed to increase popularity by exchanging links from irrelevant sources and was started because more links can augment page ranking. This practice destroys trustworthiness and is ineffective because Google is very particular about quality and relevant links. In addition, visitors will significantly decrease after becoming discouraged and apprehensive about the website.

Search engine optimization is considered to be a cost-effective way to attract unlimited amounts of potential buyers; using unethical techniques to gain such traffic can be detrimental to a website. So in order to be successful, the proper techniques must be used by an Austin TX SEO firm so that a website can be seen, read, crawled and successfully indexed by Google or other search engines in the most effective way. Be absolute sure that the SEO techniques that are used on a website are the right ones!

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  1. Those are some pretty serious consequences. Can you build yourself back up if you get caught by Google?

    • Great question! It’s possible but you have to do honest SEO and it will take time, possibly 6 months or longer.

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