Be Sure You Don’t Have Doorway Pages On Your Website!


Lately, Google has been very busy updating its search engine algorithms with a number of substantial changes that will unroll in the coming weeks. The change that will create a more refined doorway page algorithm detector is likely to create havoc for websites who use such pages. Before this change goes into effect, get in touch with the best web design company in College Station Texas, as stopping the usage of doorway pages will mean finding a completely new SEO strategy to prevent loss of page rank.

Doorway Pages – What Are They?

By Google’s definition, a doorway page is one that is designed specifically to increase a website’s “search footprint” and only created as a basic keyword page to increase search engine ranking with very little actual content. Doorway pages are duplicate content pages that only change the keyword and location from page to page and all link to one page on a website for a particular targeted keyword. Experienced web design companies know to avoid such pages.

Doorway page only exist to get more traffic to a main website – and Google has noticed certain negative trends because of this. These pages encourage funneling traffic to a website by flooding a certain keyword with duplicate pages that create a poor user experience. Who wants to click on differently ranked web pages only to be led back to the same website as was previously rejected? Oh – it also prevents other websites from gaining deserved page rank. Sites that depend on original traffic-generating web pages have worked with the best web design company in College Station Texas to use a better plan for Google-friendly SEO.

What Makes It A Doorway Page?

According to Google, the type of pages they will begin penalizing with their updated algorithm or “ranking adjustment” for doorway pages possess the following attributes:

  • Exists solely to funnel users to a main website without having any actual, valuable content.
  • Are created to rank with general keywords yet use specific information on the page.
  • Has duplicate content and search items that already appear on the main website.
  • Are created to attract affiliate traffic without real function or value other than a main website link.
  • Created as “island” pages that don’t exist in normal navigation and can only be found by web spiders.

Yes, they may bring in more traffic; however, it is an artificial way to increase traffic without providing any actual value to the user. Although it was a quick, easy way to rank, when Google begins unrolling their updated search algorithm these pages will lose optimization rather than gain it, no matter how much traffic they attract, according to Web Unlimited, the best web design company in College Station Texas.

To avoid a huge loss of page rank when this Google change is implemented, doorway pages must be quickly changed or removed. Better web design and SEO techniques must be started that will increase ranking without the help of artificial rank boosters. With Google’s other upcoming algorithm changes, failure to remove doorway pages could be significant to ranking results. Don’t wait another minute – work with the best web design company in College Station Texas to find a more acceptable ways to generate great SEO!

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