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The basis of UX or user experience in any web design is to determine the most effective ways to provide information to the user to retain their interest. An important factor in UX is page transition or keeping users moving from one section to the next without losing them. There are a number of different ways of getting to new sections that a website development company can use to effectively transport users throughout the site.

The Importance of Good Transition

There are many things that can reduce a user’s experience on any website, one of them being poor page changeover. When the user has to wait for new material to generate or look at a blank page while the actual material comes up on the screen, the chance of losing that viewer increases. Poor transition is directly responsible for high bounceback numbers and users leaving websites when they are forced to wait too long or are unable to find the information they seek. Preventing these losses requires that a website development company use the solutions necessary to provide fast page changes.

Considerations About Effective Transition

When a user clicks a link that directs them to another section, they should be transferred to the new page as quickly as possible, preferably in less than a second. Although the user only sees the page changing, there is much more happening on the back end a site that web development companies must consider to have efficient transitions, such as the following:

  • Different Effects – Whether using animated effects, a crossfade change, or serving a new page as a single new website element, consider the various ways that new pages can be effectively served on a site. Not every transition will work well for every website, so it is important to find the best style for each site.
  • Understand How Transitions Work – Before being able to code the best transition for a web design, it is essential to understand what it is involved. Smooth changeovers require fluent functioning to bring up a new page, change the current url, then parse the two pages and display any new elements and animation effects. Unless all of these functions communicate well and work together, speed and page generation can be compromised.
  • Improve Efficiency with Improved Function – Considering the different types of transitions and functions required to run them, a website development company can look into optimizing how they operate. By using a page cache function to prevent reloading material that has already been viewed, pre-loading the next section on hover, or using a partial output function to reduce the server load, the material can be delivered faster.

Based on these ideas, a website development company must understand the importance of fast page transitions and how to implement that in their design. Depending on the transition chosen, it is critical to ensure that the various essential functions are able to support each other and where possible, to include additional methods to optimize them. Pages delivered quickly and completely will always be one of the most important elements in any design for providing the best UX and website results!

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