Be Careful and Don’t Let These SEO Errors Happen!


Austin_TX_SEOThere is probably little need to explain the importance of good Austin SEO for websites in terms of traffic, visitors and conversions. Anyone with an internet presence has probably been inundated with information about what to do to get the best optimization. It is equally important to know what not to do when attempting to grow a website with SEO. In this competitive world of internet marketing, there is no room for preventable errors, so being able to recognize them is critical.

Following are some of the main errors to avoid in order to get the best search engine optimization results.

  • Keyword Research – Keyword research is important and not performing a continued analysis of results using selected words or phrases can be a mistake since the ones what is popular today may not be next week. Knowing this and making necessary adjustments is a critical part of proper SEO support.
  • Paid Advertising – Using PPC and other methods of paid advertising are important to SEO; when used correctly, it can bolster interest and generate good links and feedback. The main objective is to not have be the sole means of exposure, relying instead on organically derived page ranking.
  • Success – Success with Austin SEO takes some time, weeks or even months. It is so important to be diligent with continual keyword research and testing new ones. Using paid ads can help shorten the time it takes to be successful; expecting this to happen overnight is an unrealistic goal.
  • Links – Having quality links back to a website is the second most important part of organic page rank building, something that cannot be accomplished without the creation of a site filled with high quality, informative content. Buying links from link farms as well as any other attempt to cheat the system with meaningless links could cause a website to be banned from web browsers completely.
  • Content – With the constant upgrading of Google’s algorithms that makes it harder and harder for junk pages to rank, the fact exists that unless a website provides freshly written, quality information, it is a losing battle. The biggest mistake is trying to get poor content to work in a well-designed website.
  • Headlines – Headlines that are carefully written to contain specific keywords are a recognized and effective way for a website to be seen by browsers that treat headlines as being more important than content. It used to be acceptable to use graphics for a headline to use a decorative font or create a link, this is no longer the case. Images do not register with web crawlers, so this is of no benefit at all.
  • Frames and Splash Pages – Website design has advanced and using frames is a thing of the past. Frames confuse web crawlers and slow down indexing – and there are much better ways to get the same results, which is also true of splash pages. They are generally nothing more than an image, maybe with some animation as a means to enter a website; it is not recognized by the search engines and it is better to skip them. Splash pages and frames simply do not work with SEO.

Some of this may seem quite basic, yet it is surprising how often these mistakes are unknowingly made. Many times it is simply a matter of keeping up with current web design changes to know about the latest and best Austin SEO suggestions. Either way, avoiding the mistakes referenced above and using highly effective SEO instead, a company is likely to see good results in increasing user visits and raising page rank. So avoid these SEO errors and find good page ranking results!

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  1. I use PPC instead of organic SEO because I don’t want to wait months to get ranked. Should I try out organic SEO?

    • PPC is great for promotional items or one time or seasonal sales. Organic SEO will take time but it is definitely worth investing time into.

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