Basic Web Design Principles to Get the Best Web Page Design


Best Web Page DesignThere are a lot of things to consider that could go wrong when designing a website. One way to avoid mistakes when preparing a website is by adhering to the basic web design principles. That is what helps keep web designers from overdoing their web designs. Here are few of the basic principles that should be a guide whether creating or choosing the best web page design.

The very first thing a web designer should do before starting he actual design process is to have a clear picture as to the goals of each particular website. Whether you are considering designing the website yourself or choosing a design template, it’s important to know the purpose of the site.

Are you creating a personal website? Is it for business or a website to represent an organization? Determining this one aspect will guide you or your designer to choose the appropriate elements as well as the right layout that is suitable for the site’s application.

To guide you on your quest for the best web page design, here are a few questions that you should ask to guide you in determining the purpose of the site:

  • What is the role of the site?

  • What are the goals in developing the website?

  • What content do wish to provide to viewers on the internet?

  • Who is your targeted audience?

You should always create or choose a web design with SEO in mind. Becoming successful online isn’t just about creating a good web design and launching it on the internet. One element that greatly defines how well the site will perform in the long run is search engine optimization. SEO is what makes a website findable on search engines such as google or yahoo. The better that correct SEO strategy is implemented in the web design, the better the chances of getting high rankings on major search engines.

Search engine optimization includes choosing the appropriate keyword to target for each and every page of the website. Choosing the right keyword to target is a crucial decision a web designer has to make to have the best web page design. It is usually desirable for a keyword to have a high number of searches per month (a lot of traffic) and yet have low competition in terms of other websites available to respond to a search

Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization. Content posted to your website as blogs and articles can boost the website’s value in the search engine ranking as well as offer visitors something valuable to read.

Strive to keep a good balance between the site’s usability and presentation. A common mistake some web designers make when designing is focusing more on the site’s aesthetics rather than the actual usability of the site. These two are of equal importance. A perfect harmony between these elements should be achieved in order to come up with the best web page design.

When working on the visual element of the site, always remember to keep it simple and avoid the temptation to overdesign it. Here are some principles that you can apply or look for to get the best web page design:

  • Don’t use more than three color combinations.

  • Avoid using an image as background (as it may make your site look amateurish).

  • Use standard font and size for your text.

  • Use images and visual effects sparingly.

To enhance the site’s usability, it is important to keep the layout organized as much as possible. Here are a few features that can enhance the site’s usability:

  • Position the navigation menu on top or on the left side of the page.

  • Include a site map on each page.

  • Ads should only cover 15-25% of the entire area of the page.

  • Include footer pages on each site to further improve navigation.

Hopefully the above tips will help you obtain a good-looking, useable and SEO-popular website. Achieving those three items should help you have the best web page design that you can!

Chris Hunter is an expert Web Designer and Internet Marketer and runs a blog about Internet Marketing techniques. You can also go to his website that is all about the Best Web Page Design.


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  1. Thanks, Chris. Good fundamentals, great reminders and tips. Will use this as a guideline when setting up my new site w/ Web Unlimited in January. It also is useful in going back through 2 sites you built for non-profits that I belong to, and “cleaning” them up using these guidelines.

    Enjoy a great holiday!

  2. All are your good suggestions at the time of making a new website. It is a an attractive post for newbies. But add some more features to make a website fantastic one.

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