Avoid These Call-To-Action Errors


Texas_Website_DesignerAn increase in conversions on a website can be hindered by just a simple error, such a missing call-to-action component to prompt visitors opt-in or product purchase, causing a potential customer to leave the web page and go to another website. It is a good idea to consider using the services of a reputable Texas web design company to ensure that a website is properly designed.

Helpful Hints

Following are some helpful hints that a good Texas web design company should take into consideration to avoid the most common call-to-action errors.

  • Conspicuous – Be sure that the call-to-action button both exists and stands out. Using text alone is not enough to attract a visitor’s attention. Using contrasting colors on the button, and a phrase such as Click Me will surely help.
  • Response Components – Any response components should stand out and not blend in with the graphics. Work with the color scheme to so it nicely contrasts with the page to attract a visitors attention. This clearly shows a visitor what must be completed, clicked or responded to in order to get what is desired.
  • Distractions – Make the design clean and tidy as too many graphics can be disastrous to prospective customers potential confusion. The elimination of distractions on landing pages will help increase the conversion rate the call-to-action component can be easily found, especially if prominently displayed.
  • Background – Work with the background to compliment the website design. Developers may encounter clients who want to incorporate brand colors in the website. Usually an acceptable practice, if the brand color does not support the overall design and distracts visitors, some type of neutral effect must be added to the design.
  • Content Placement – Content must be appropriately placed to convey information to both users and search engines. It should be informative, brief, and concise; it should not distract users, as this will defeat its purpose. Ensure that the web page makes the buttons more attractive to be effective in drawing the eye of visitors. Some brief information can be included; however, it should be appropriate for guiding users to click on or fill in a response box.

By using the above tips and being very careful to avoid even a minor mistake, a website can be greatly improved. Using the services of an expert Texas web design firm is a wise move; their expertise to create a landing page will work efficiently with any internet marketing strategy!

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