Avoid the Allure of Unethical SEO Practices!


Austin SEOThere is no doubt that the effects of unethical SEO can be devastating to a website. The usually result is that the website is banned from the search engines – and that is basically the ‘death’ of a website. There is no desire to design a website that would harm or negatively impact that internet location, so it is important to know how unethical Austin SEO could damage a website.

  • Temporary Results – Unethical SEO can actually have startling results – for a short period of time. A website can rise dramatically in search engine page rank and even make it to the first page of results. Such ranking will not last very long as the search engines are very smart and will discover unethical SEO practices and penalize that website – which results in a dramatic drop in rankings. Whatever has been gained will be lost.

  • Website Banned – The worst-case-scenario of the use of unethical SEO by a website is for it to drop entirely out of the rankings, in effect becoming invisible to the outside search-engine-surfing world. A penalty can last for a short time – or for a long time, depending upon the severity of the perceived use of unethical SEO practices. Visibility is imperative for a sales website, so to in effect be banned from Search Engines is in essence ‘death’ to a website.

  • Reputation Tarnished – Any internet sales company and its website relies upon customer loyalty – and that must be earned. If a company is detected using unethical Austin SEO practices to falsely rank its website, it will lose credibility in the eyes of the most important viewers – their customers – and potentially lose that business for the short term and possibly even the long term future.

  • Not Helping Customers – Whatever else is said about the hazards and risks of using unethical SEO practices to falsely rank a website, the worst result of such practices is that it does not help customers – and this should be the most important goal of a company! Most unethical SEO tactics are detrimental to a customer’s experience on a website which will probably cause them to never use that website again. Sales will eventually suffer under these circumstances.

Search engines are looking for well-managed websites and pages that provide quality content to users in an ethical, organic fashion. Anything short of that will at the very least cause a website to sink in rankings and at the very worst cause the reputation of the owning company to be damaged to a nearly non-repairable status. It could result not only in the death of the website but the death of the business. Don’t succumb to the lure of quick Austin SEO results for low prices – don’t succumb to the dangerous lure of unethical SEO!

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  1. Interesting! I’ve heard I need to bold or italicize the keywords in my blog posts for them to really make a difference, and I see you do that as well. Does it really matter if I do this?

    • It is recommended by most SEO experts to bold and italicize your keywords if they naturally fit into your article or headlines. I would say it doesn’t do any harm to follow this rule!

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