Attract Newcomers To A Website With Facebook!


Houston_SEOFacebook is the leading social networking site that brings people together around the world. This platform offers unique opportunities for users to learn more about certain products currently being marketed. As a result, many businesses are using this type of Houston SEO and marketing strategy, as information can be spread in seconds. Prospective buyers can simply “like,” subscribe and join groups that have similar brands or product interest. Facebook is definitely a way to acquire and increase website traffic.

Before attempting to attract potential clients in this manner, it is essential to learn the advantages of this social networking system and to fully understand how helpful Facebook can be in boosting online traffic.


Facebook is an online community of over 900 million users. Joining this community offers some great advantages, such as having a wide reach regarding brand awareness and acquiring direct feedback. Brand awareness is easily accomplished by displaying a company’s logo as the profile picture; the information tab can simply display relevant information regarding the objective, products and recent business developments.

Updates can be posted on a recent news page and queries can be answered directly in the discussion thread. Facebook allows for an excellent marketing plan, targeted traffic and a quick way to communicate with clients. It provides brand leverage and creates a trusting relationship with potential customers.

It is a perfect platform to connect both internal and external audiences because of its capacity to link people via fan pages and groups, both of which can post events, links to blogs and host discussions.


Following are few effective tips that can direct potential clients to a Houston SEO website.

  • Appeal – Make the profile page appealing and very user-interactive as this gives customers an incentive to revisit the page.
  • Graphics – Upload videos, photos and other graphics to be accessible by people who search and want to follow the page.
  • Promotion – Promote the page by connecting to other relevant fan page groups.
  • Discussions – Join discussions from other relevant links to create an incentive for users to revisit and learn more about the company.
  • Connections – Connect prospective readers to other company accounts such as twitter, foursquare, linkedIn and other blogs. Doing this allows a company to generate awareness and demand as well as creates a living, breathing and efficient marketing strategy for a specific product.
  • Thumbnail – Take advantage of this feature that allows readers to get information regarding recent developments. Only those who are truly interested will follow up by reading the full post from certain article directories or directly from the company’s website.
  • Fan Page – Create a fan page. This can be accessed by non-members of Facebook since not everybody has a Facebook profile yet may want to learn more about your group or product without having to create a profile.

Technology has caused people to explore and frequently visit well-known social networking sites. As a result, many businesses are gaining momentum and increasing revenue by attracting volumes of newcomers to the company’s website through these sites such as the popular Facebook. This is an effective Houston SEO marketing tool that can raise the image of the company by advertising available products through Facebook, making it a powerful source of online traffic!

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  1. I recently added my company’s profile to Facebook and I couldn’t believe how much traffic to my site increased! Now I’m running contests and promotions on my Facebook site and am getting a pretty big fan base. I would definitely recommend Facebook to anyone who has a website!

    • Thanks for the comment! It sounds like you’re doing a great job making Facebook work for you. It is a really great way to increase traffic to your site.

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