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Houston SEO TrendsThe home page make or break a website; it is the page that presents the first impression to viewers and thus has a great effect on the website’s fate, whether it becomes successful or not. The real challenge for web design in Texas is to attract a visitor’s attention in the first eight seconds after landing on the page. Eight is the magic number because the first five seconds is the amount it takes an average page to load plus an additional three seconds for a visitor to determine if a website is worth reading or not. So what does it take to attract visitors through such a small window of opportunity? Following are some options to consider with homepage design strategy.

Effective Layout

Visitors tend to stay if it can immediately be seen through Texas web design what is offered and can be done with it. In short, a web page needs to convey a clear purpose and function without any guess work. Internet users don’t have the patience to look at every page to find desired information; more often than not, the homepage is scanned to see what options are offered that appeal and would cause a view to stay.

A good layout can effectively portray the purpose of a homepage. Some websites may have a good purpose and functions; however, it that is not clearly highlighted on the homepage, such valuable information could be difficult to find. A good layout should definitively present all options web users want or need, arranged according to perceived importance. The eyes tend to skim from top to bottom in a left to right movement, so use that as a reference when arranging the layout in order to highlight important features.

Offer Something Valuable

Website visitors have a natural tendency to be attracted to something considered valuable, especially if it is free – which may not necessary be a product but rather useful content. Entice visitors by offering little bits of valuable information related to the website’s primary topic. For example, if a site is about automotive products, offer something related to that topic, something that web visitors interested in automotive facts would value, such as maintenance tips for vehicles or DIY repairs. It is important to only present snippets of such information on the home page, then offer a link to the full content. It is a great way to attract and keep website visitors.

Stimulate Curiosity 

Human beings have a natural tendency to be curious about unusual issues which can be used to attract web visitors to remain. Appealing to that curios nature can be done through content snippets in the homepage’s feature box. To be effective, an issue should be chosen that is relevant to a website’s purpose. A catch phrase along with the snippet should provide just enough information to captivate a reader’s imagination yet leave all information and questions unanswered. For example, an automotive website might feature a snippet about the futuristic self balancing two-wheeled car. It’s interesting yet leaves the question of what makes it balance unanswered and encourages clicking on a link to get more information on this topic.

Attracting all web visitors attention quickly is an important objective for web design in Texas. A homepage must make an immediate impression in a limited window of opportunity in order to retain visitors and engage them into trying a service, buying a product, registering, etc. All this can be achieved with a brilliantly planned and executed homepage!

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  1. Does the 8 second rule make flash designs and videos harder to utilize? I’m just worried about them taking more than 5 seconds to load… But don’t you think they would capture the viewers attention?

  2. completely agree. If i see that the page doesn’t look modern or updated i doubt even care what the information is like

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