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Houston Web DesignersA company’s physical home office should make visitors feel welcome and convey the company’s purpose; it is often done through the office’s design elements. This is very similar to what a home page can do for a website and is the reason why it is so important to know about web page development before discussing it with any Houston web designers.


The primary function of this main web page is to introduce visitors to the website and encourage users to take further action. Typically, if this initial web page is appealing, visitors will stay and explore the entire site.

Presenting interesting and relevant content and images in an effective way is the goal of Houston web designers for an impressive homepage. When visitors are properly presented with information, navigation is easy and a good browsing experience will result, drawing searchers back again and again.

Bounce Rate

The term used to analyze website traffic is bounce rate which shows the percentage of searchers who enter and leave a website. It is used to measure the performance level and effectiveness of a homepage. A low bounce rate indicates that many view the page and continue browsing A high bounce rate can mean that a site is performing poorly; the homepage may not be well-presented and corrective measures should be taken.

Improvement Tips

Having a high bounce rate requires improvement. Following are some helpful tips to change this concern.

  • Purpose – It is important to understand a website’s purpose to make a good first impression on visitors so what is being looked for can be immediately found. Presenting the information a page has to offer in an interesting and functional way will help guide and lead visitors to take further actions.
  • Draw Attention – Using elements that bring attention to a website is extremely important. Make sure that any components used in the layout will grab a visitor’s attention.
  • Avoid Excess – Be rational with everything that is incorporated into a website. Do not get too excessive with widgets and navigational tools; be sure they are properly used. Simplicity, usability, and functionality is usually best; overkill might cause visitors to not explore any further.
  • Graphics – It is imperative to create a strong brand identity to attract visitors and interest them in the entire website. Work carefully with the logo and icons to attract a customer’s attention.

A company should communicate any creative ideas to the Houston web designers hired to design a website. By doing this, it can be ensured that a homepage is interesting, expresses a company’s purpose, and attracts the attention of potential customers. This will help keep bounce back rates low and give any business a definite competitive edge!

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  1. question- I have some traffic coming to my site but I don’t have a good conversion rate at all. Could it be the front page? I know I haven’t update it in a while.

    • Hello Carter and thank you for your question. Do you work through a professional web design firm or do you work on the website yourself? For web design and seo purposes it is very important to update it regularly. Knowledge is power so it is beneficial to have a blog updated with your products or services. Also make sure all links and graphics are working properly. First impressions are important, so make sure your homepage, and entire site, is in tip-top shape. If you are busy it might be easier to have a professional web marketing firm to market your site to keep those customers interested and willing to buy what ever you are selling.

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