Appearance and Usability – Which One is Better in Web Design?


For anyone who is in the market for an Austin website design, a certain Austin_Website_Designcrossroads is reached to decide between a website’s usability and its appearance. It is a crucial point to decide which road should be taken.


At first, appearance seems to be the best way to have a website to attract the most customers because of that important ‘first impression’ of a client to the web design. Appearance invokes feeling and imparts a strong message as it is through appearance that a design can psychologically and emotionally affect online searchers.

On the other hand, there is the usability aspect as a website is of little value if a user cannot navigate the site. So now it is important to weight all aspects and decide between appearance or usability.

When choosing web design, the most important to thing consider is not about how beautiful or appealing the site is; the end user experience is an equally important part of any decision. Don’t forget that the primary goal for a website is to generate sales, make money, and increase an ROI in a cost-effective way.

Online Marketing

There are ‘3 C’s’ for marketing products online:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer’s experience
  • Customer’s expectation

When working with an Austin website design, it is important that it: meet customers’ needs; be optimally inspirational and increase product interest; and surpass expectations by providing customers more than what was expected.

(Very) Possible Scenario

A customer wanting to buy a pair of shoes visits a website and is struck by the website’s appearance. Clicking on one of ‘Shoes’ category, the customer is directed to another page with several shoes were advertised at a discounted price with well-designed pictures.

Upon clicking on one of the subcategories ‘Men’s Shoes,’ it leads to another page with a very slow download speed. Upon arriving at the requested page, information was lacking and system navigation was difficult and left the site disappointed and frustrated because of the experience.

Same customer transfers to another site which is very simple, easy to navigate and contains detailed information on the item being considered for purchase. The appearance is not great but the website did load each page rapidly and there was no difficulty navigating the system.

If asking which website brought satisfaction to the customer, the immediate answer is to say the one with a very simple, easily navigated system with a detailed description of the products. Appearance does play an important role when dealing with web design; however, it is through usability that customers are satisfied. Providing a smooth buying process experience gives customers 100% satisfaction.

Customers are more important a website’s appearance as the ultimate website goal is not to impress customers but to earn sales and customer loyalty. Usability is very essential and satisfied customers will share an Austin website design experience with close friends and relatives which can lead to greater internet traffic, greater sales and an increased return of investment!

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