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Houston_Search_Engine_OptimizationOptimizing a website for search engines is now a normal website process. Gone are the days when a website was built and traffic seemed to naturally flow that way – competition doesn’t allow that any more. Internet success now requires aggressive search engine optimization strategies or SEO. Although the term SEO is well known, there are still many who haven’t grasped the concept or have unanswered questions about its function. Here are some of the important questions about Houston search engine optimization to consider.

What are Keywords?

Keywords mean a word or set of words that are typed into search engines to look for content that is related to a subject. If a web user is looking for information about pet care products and services, the keyword “pet care” can be typed into the search engines, which will return a list of websites that contains the words “pet care.”

How Do Keywords help SEO?

Search engines point viewers to a related website found by a user within the vast index that makes up a browser. Keywords are vital in SEO efforts because specific ones can be targeted for optimization, applicable ones with many searches and few competitors.

Where Should Keywords Be Used?

In order for search engines to index a website for a targeted keyword, they must be found in strategic content locations such as the title, meta tag, headline, and within the body of the content. For example, if a targeted keyword is “pet care,” then it should reflect in all of the above mentioned important content areas. The title should probably be “Important Pet Care Tips.” The same is true when using keywords in the body; they should blend naturally in the sentence structure without sounding awkward or meaningless.

How Often Should Keywords Be Used?

In order to use keywords effectively, they much follow a prescribed density by the search engines or face being penalized for over usage, the target being no more than 5% of the total word count. Based on experience, a keyword should appear in the title, the introduction, and the summary paragraph.

How Are Keywords Chosen?

Try to think of words that would be used to find contents, products, or services. Use Google Tools to determine relevant keywords along with information such as number of searches per month and number of competitors. Select from that result ones with a high search rate and little competition.

SEO is important in establishing an internet presence, with keywords being one of the fundamental elements. Hopefully this article has provided helpful answers about some of the important questions concerning Houston SEO!

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