Analyzing Website Graphic Design Methods!


Texas Website DesignerWhether creating for print or for the web, certain methods in graphic design are the same and some are very different. Preparation for graphic design work by a Texas website designer is very similar, involving the same steps. Detailed planning is very important at every step; everything else that happens is based on creating what the client wants and answering certain important questions when deciding how to apply requests to the website.

Client Knowledge

Before beginning to think about building a website, a developer must have a thorough understanding of the product or service being offered as well as: the target audience; what makes a company distinct from other similar businesses; time constraints; and what message should be portrayed. Brand requirements such as logo and color palettes are essential for a developer to properly create a website as the incorrect application of such information can completely change how a company is perceived by potential customers.

Client Expectations

Once it is understood what a client needs, finding out what is wanted and expected is next. Many times a customer will not understand the reason for certain layout methods or will expect a Texas website designer to produce a perfect layout overnight. All aspects of a project should be discussed at the very beginning.

Budget is also important to discuss, so a client clearly understands how much time and money is involved in producing what is desired. It is often not realized just how much time and effort goes into putting together a final graphic design product, which can lead to being under budgeted and adjustments having to be made to a design. Once all such details have been worked out, a proposal and contract can then be created with no misunderstandings.

Project Planning

With web design, there is probably more actual idea development and brainstorming involved in comparison to print layout, so ideas can be bounced around and creativity can flow, turning those web pages into internet sites that are functional and yet creative. It is functionality and useability that often causes some of the bells and whistles of an elaborate presentation to be scaled back when it becomes apparent that such efforts could actually hinder SEO efforts and cause a drop in website traffic.


Once all decisions have been made, the actual layout process can begin with a creative software programs such as Illustrator. Being able to show clients multiple versions of a website is a good idea in providing a point of comparison; this can be done through at least two design versions with various options. Each version can show different graphic appearances and function. A client can then select from the various options and at this point, creativity should definitely be encouraged, even selecting certain design elements from each version. From there, it is time to implement any necessary adjustments.

Finished Product

The finished product is usually accomplished by making a few changes here and there and then bringing everything together. It is a good idea to know how much potential redesign and support is necessary, so that the limits of what is covered by a contract is fully understood. Many companies find that the easiest way to maintain that great website is to subscribe to some type of maintenance or updating services that can be purchased along with initial web building services. Do not assume that it is free!

The creation of a good, well-functioning graphic design website can be achieved when all goals are thoroughly evaluated and put into action by hiring the right Texas website designer to properly analyze various design methods and put them together to develop a website that has visitors returning again and again!

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  1. Great article! Being a freelance web designer myself it’s sooooo important to have that communication before actually starting the site. When clients don’t properly articulate exactly what they want, I spend hours working on one aspect that they decide they actually didn’t want. Very frustrating!

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes it is extremely important to come up with a detailed list of everything the client expects and to give them examples of what would work best not only for the look and feel of a site but SEO wise. Also be sure to check in through the design process regularly to avoid unnecessary hours spent on a product that the clients won’t like.

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