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Web design is constantly evolving in an effort to easily create better and more effective websites. One such method of doing this is by using what is now termed atomic design, which basically involves building a site by combining individual components.

Although many designers have been working in this manner for quite some time, the technique has been further defined to give a more tangible tool to web design company that can be used throughout the web building process.

What Is Atomic Website Design?

Atomic design involves creating a website using individual smaller components that are brought together as a series of complete web pages. There are five main components used in this system:

  1. Atom – This is the most basic of all elements in any web design that could include a button, input field, label, color palette, typeface, and more.
  2. Molecule – Atoms are useful on their own; however, they form more complex units when combined, referred to as molecules. An example would be an input field, label, and button that together form a search box.
  3. Organism – An organism is a group of molecules used together to create a larger element on a website, such as a masthead, footer, or menu bar.
  4. Template – A template is a group of organisms that come together to form the basic shape and element layout of the pages that will be used in the next step. It is the framework for the website.  
  5. Page – Pages are individual templates laid out by a web design company to contain the information and elements required on each different page. The page is the end result of connecting the four previous building blocks together.

Supporting Conformity

Creating a web design using the atomic layout method is not new; however, it organizes the building blocks in a way that makes site construction simpler. Because everything is made using smaller, defined elements, it is easier to create important conformity throughout the website by reusing the elements and code used to build them.

By working with smaller parts, a web design company can create a site style and layout, then use it throughout the entire site by combining and duplicating elements as needed.

Simplify Modifications

Atomic design provides a good system for effectively building and modifying websites by allowing the various elements to be arranged and moved while giving both designers and clients a clear visualization of the results. Once these elements are successfully brought together, they can be modified to display the actual website content and then be tested.

Whether changes are made to one page or the entire site, they can be managed with less effort. With this method, the entire design process is more efficient, less costly, and allow for greater control with fewer resources.

While this is only a basic explanation of atomic web design, it is possible to see the advantages that such an approach can provide to website construction. Since order, conformity, and layout are all critical factors in effective page creation, atomic design gives web design companies these qualities. Before building another site, design and development teams should consider how the atomic method can work for them and then put this great technique to use!

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