ADA Compliance – Is Your Website On Board?


Most people are well aware that ADA compliance is important and in some cases even required to ensure safety and accessibility for disabled persons.

Did you know that as of earlier this year, such compliance may now extend to your business website design?

The ADA has recently published an official standard of website accessibility for disabled persons, which business owners and website designers alike should notice.

While these standards apply specifically to websites considered to be a “place of public accommodation” and therefore may not apply to every site, there are some definite benefits to working with website design services to still make your site compliant.

Improve Website Usability

The most obvious reason to contract with website design services to make your site ADA compliant is that it will improve your website’s usability.

Easier navigation, more viewing options, and overall improved website functionality and operation make it more user-friendly for those with viewing disabilities as well as everyone else.

The more usable your website design is, the more positive leads and conversions you will get.

Increase Audiences

A website that is ADA compliant, and easily accessed by disabled people gives you the opportunity to market to such people and increase your audience.

Hiring web designers to update your site to provide total accessibility gives your business a great advantage.

Your company will become an option for those unable to use other non-compliant websites as easily; your audience and customers will grow.  

Build a Positive Reputation

Another great thing about working with a website design service to make your site ADA compliant is that people will notice.

Even if your business is not actually required to have a compliant website, voluntarily improving it to be ADA compliant sends an important message to all of your site visitors that you care.

Caring and acknowledging the needs of customers is an effective way to build a positive business reputation, one that will grow your customer base even more.

Improve Optimization

Today’s search engines are focused on rewarding website design that provides an outstanding experience.

One of the requirements in the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines established by the ADA is that online content be accessible to screen reader programs that read page text and present it verbally for those with vision impairment.

Working with website designers to make content accessible to screen readers and apply other important optimization techniques such as completing meta tags and descriptions as well as image Alt-text make webpages searchable and accessible to more people.

In doing so, you can also increase site traffic and improve user experience with all factors acting to boost SEO and page rank.

ADA Website Compliance can Benefit Everyone

Hopefully, if your business is required to have an ADA compliant website design, you have already taken care of or are working on now with a web designer.

You may want to consider making these changes to your site even if you are not required to comply.

When you partner with website design services to make your site more accessible, great benefits await both you and your customers!

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