Achieve Optimal Website Goals With Unique Landing Pages


Texas Website DesignerLanding pages are essential components of quality internet marketing plans, a doorway to convince visitors to complete a vital call-to-action that is directed to be done. This key component and crucial marketing strategy captures vital customer information through a contact form. The primary purpose of a landing page is to communicate, convince, and sell products or services to prospective buyers. A Texas website designer must go beyond a conventional sales lead generation process to achieve optimal website goals.

Below are some of the most important goals that can be achieved with a unique landing page as well as the various types of landing pages that can be created.

Primary Goals to Achieve

The objective of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take a desired action such as signing-up, buying a product, or completing a survey. Objectives may differ and can include the following:

    • Facilitate rapid and effective communication between client and website.
    • Provide a concise answer to questions.
    • Provide easy and rapid registration.
    • Heighten brand trustworthiness.
    • Enhance visitor information exchange by subscribing, downloading, purchasing, or registering for membership.

 Types of Landing Pages

The first thing to consider before creating such an essential element is to understand the different types used by a Texas website designer to improve conversion rates.

  • Click-Through – This version has a ‘call-to-action’ button for customers to click and go to another page to buy desired products. This is a direct way to convert visitors into buyers without problems.
  • Lead Capture – This version gathers leads by allowing users to enter personal information via a form that gathers relevant data and provides product or services information. Newsletters are delivered that offer sales promotions in exchange for email addresses for follow-up. The primary purpose here is to collect email for future marketing activities.
  • Informational – This is a sales page and is different from other landing pages with text and embedded promotional videos that require reading from top to bottom until reaching the call-to-action button.

Landing pages when correctly designed can become the key to online success. They are the entry point to gather information from visitors while promoting products or services and the business as a whole. The different types each have separate goals and desired actions. Always specify the objectives to be met and determine the desired visitor actions before a Texas website designer completes this important part of a website!

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    • Yes, they are more of a call to action for visitors to the site. Many times they will link to product pages, but they make it easier for the site to show up under broad searches for the product or service your website is selling.

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