6 Great Ways SEO Articles Can Work Hard For You


Houston_Search_Engine_OptimizationSEO articles are not just a way to advertise and promote certain products or services across the internet; they are also used to advance Houston search engine optimization and achieve: more prominent online presence; top ranking; and more traffic to a website. There are various techniques for website optimization; however, article writing is still the single most effective tool in an online marketing campaign.

Any articles that are written should be high quality, unique, and contain relevant content. This strategy will increase the chances of ranking a website at the top of the listings. Following are six great ways to attract and gather more traffic through effective articles

  1. Original Content – Original content means the original creation of a helpful, relevant document for targeted audiences, which helps create credibility in the eyes of consumers. Original content is what attracts internet spiders to a website to include it in any rankings.
  2. Appropriate Length – An article must have an acceptable amount of words. Content that is too short may appear incomplete and lacking proper research. One that is too long may be wordy and lack good context. It is imperative to identify the targeted audience to know the length suitable for those needs. The word count does not significantly affect search engines; however, it will have an impact in terms of getting more traffic, as it does make a difference to those looking for answers to specific questions.
  3. Relevant Keywords – To help get a higher ranking with various search engines, it is essential to use well-researched keywords and is crucial in Houston search engine optimization efforts. It is important to look at traffic, conversion chances, and keyword competition prior to writing any articles.
  4. Hypertext Links – One strategy to increase visibility on the internet is to insert hypertext links within an article. Embedding hyperlinks generates a number of reciprocal links from other relevant and high-quality sources. Getting relevant inbound links makes a website appear reliable and gather higher results rankings.
  5. Keyword Density – The number of times keywords appear in the content should be given careful review. Keywords help direct traffic as well as help to obtain a better position in the search engine results rankings. A density of one to five percent is considered acceptable; beyond this number may be considered spam.
  6.  Optimize Title/Meta Tags РTo optimize title or meta tags, keywords must be relevant to the content and depict the products being promoted. Title tags must give surfers a view of the content, within the allowable limit which is ten to sixty characters, and should be concise and descriptive. It is not mandatory but could be a way to avoid being penalized by search engines. Meta tags must describe the information contained in the article and should not confuse potential visitors.

Understanding article optimization is vital in establishing an online company. If SEO articles are not composed properly, they will not be indexed and no one will be aware of the website. Online marketing is effective when content is well written, informative, relevant, and draws genuine traffic. By understanding the above tips for Houston search engine optimization, a website can be easily found, have a greater presence, and eventually improve its online performance!

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  1. Writing content for SEO is much easier than lets say a clothing store. How is it possible to come up with constant content about t-shirts?

    • That is a great question John and what a lot of website owners struggle with. It is our job as a marketing company to research every clients niche for their content and take the daunting task of being original from them. Your example can be more difficult but don’t be too intimidated by trying to find relevant content. You could possibly write an article on the trends of this season’s wear and how your company has adopted them.

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