6 Costly SEO Blunders to Avoid


Statistics show that SEO is gaining in incredible strength with no end in site. There are lots of reasons to use a SEO Firm (like Houston Search Engine Optimization) to do the brunt of the SEO work, but we still see a lot of companies doing things in-house. That’s ok, but you MUST know what you are doing or else you will completely shoot yourself in the foot.

Learn from these SEO blunders now and use a Houston search engine optimization firm to help your business succeed right now. A successful SEO campaign has your web site using a good quality landing page to get people to convert once they come to your site. You need the help of  good and reputable SEO services from companies that know how to put the software to use.

Trial and Error

Doing an SEO campaign by yourself could cost you thousands of dollars in marketing investments as well as in final product sales. The number one biggest blunder is for people to think they will learn SEO through trial and error. It is mostly error and error when people take this route. Most SEO Firms have made the big mistakes already and you can benefit from their mistakes.

Keyword Placement – Do it Right

Your keywords should be in the body of your ad as well as in the title. You need to make certain your keyword is not overused, because this gets you a lower ranking with the main search engines. You definitely want the keyword in the title as well as the body though. Under use of your keyword can be just as damaging as overuse.

Long vs. Short Pages

Do not have a web page that is as long as an e-book page. These long drawn out pages get you bumped farther down on many of the search engines rankings. Keep your web page to between 350 and 1,000 words. This will provide enough words for the search engine to determine what the page is about and determine if there are duplicate pages in existence.

Alternatively, make sure your page isn’t too short either. Short pages with very little content will not gain as good a ranking as one that is neither too long or short.

Duplicate Content

You do get penalized by the various search engines if your page is a duplicate. You want original and fresh content for the search engines and for the readers of your page. Remember you want the traffic to come to your page, but that does not benefit you if they do not stay and buy the product or service you have available.

Relevancy Rules!

Popular engines such as Google and Bing will increase the ranking of your pages if the landing page is relevant. You want the ads on your pages to be clearly written and easily understood. You do not want the ads written in words that are too large or words that are childish either. All of these mistakes will cost you the effectiveness of your keywords. That in turn will cost you money.

Target Your Audience

In order to have a successful marketing campaign online you are required to get the audience that will be most interested in your product or services to come to your page and stay long enough to purchase what you have for sale. So targeting the right audience in the right geographic location will be very important to your final success or failure. You need to make sure that if you sell calorie counters your SEO keywords are not targeting people interested in kitchen counters.

It is worth saying repeatedly. Find a good Houston SEO firm to assist you in your efforts to launch your marketing campaign for your web page. Do not get discouraged and do not quit trying.

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