5 “More” Definitions That Every Young Job Seeker Should Know


I read an interesting blog post today about 5 Definitions That Every Young Job Seeker Should Know and thought I would expand on it a bit to add 5 more very important definitions in the world of SEO and Internet Marketing. Although I think that Ken’s definition of a Landing Page is a little off, I did agree with most of what he said. So here are the other very important definitions you should know.

1. Pay per Click – (PPC) This is important because every business, big or small, should have a PPC strategy. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is to diversify. You don’t want to solely depend on organic seo for income as if Google changes their algorithm and you’re unfortunate enough that it actually affects your site, then you could be in some major trouble.

Second, and more importantly in my opinion, PPC is meant for testing. Let me expand on that a bit. Google Adwords has a tremendous A/B split testing engine built into it. You could split test two ads with one change each item(headline, text, or URL) per set of ads and really figure out the best way to advertise to your target audience. Once this is perfected after a series of testing, you can role the same message out to banner ads, landing pages, organic listings, offline advertising… really unlimited at that point.

This is really powerful stuff and if you’re young and looking for a job, this principle is extremely important in the world of marketing and might make you an extremely sought after marketer if you truly understand this principle. I recommend you read Perry Marshall’s blog for more information.

2. Link Juice – Ok so this is going to be pretty vague. Link juice is basically a way to describe the power of the links coming back to your site. And yes, I use this term on an almost daily basis. The higher the Page Rank, the more Link Juice. The more Link Juice, the better for your landing page. Simple.

3. Social Bookmarks – Social Bookmarks are sites that allow you to post and share your bookmarks with other people. More importantly, most of them have RSS feeds which will allow you to share them and syndicate the bookmarks much easier.

Social Bookmarking sites including Stumble Upon, Delicious, and Mixx are just a few. For a full list go here. The point is, that any savvy marketer will include Social Bookmarking in their linking strategy.

4. Link Spam – Ok so not all links are good. There are quite a few link strategies that Google considers as spam. If you are looking for a job in the marketing arena and bring up a strategy that includes what might be considered a link spam strategy, well it just wouldn’t be a great idea.

Some link spam strategies might include buying link from a link network, using or creating link farms, url redirection, or mirror sites. SEO companies are constantly trying to game Google and Google just doesn’t like it. So be sure to know what will get you (and your client) into trouble.

5. Google Optimizer – I left this one for last as I think this is the most important. Google Optimizer is one of the best(and least talked about) inventions that Google has come up with. Google Optimizer allows you to run A/B split testing on any given page. This will allow you over time to tweak a page to the best converting version.

This combined with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will make you completely unstoppable. Imagine if you had the ad that converted the absolute best and the landing page that also converted at the absolute best, your conversion process would make the most money possible.


The above 5 definitions are extremely important to know if you are in the process of looking for a job in the online marketing industry. Look them up and be extremely knowledgeable about all of them and you will find yourself in a great position to get the perfect job in the SEO or Online Marketing Industry.

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  1. Hey I’ve been looking for a marketing job and am a “young” person. These tips truly hit home as I’m not familiar with all of these. Thanks for the great post!

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