Which is Better – Template or Custom Web Design?



With so many internet options available, many businesses and entrepreneurs are considering using free or inexpensive templates because because of low/no cost and because it seems as if it could get a website up and running more quickly. With only a few tweaks here and there, a template design can be customized for any name and design – but do templates really provide that much of an advantage? Well, it can work sometimes; however, investing in a customized Houston web design can be more functional and maybe even less expensive as well.

When To Use A Ready-Made Template

Consider using a ready-made template design when the website will be pretty basic and will not need changes other than what can be selected from a template. Although templates are made for easy modification, that is usually only with regard to colors, fonts, replacing stock images, and changing details like footers, navigation labels, etc. A fairly uncomplicated website can be built by a Houston web designer to the specifications of a ready-made template with minor customization in about a day. It is a good option for a new business with low or no budget and it does provide a way to get a website on the internet that can be improved later if necessary.

Where templates cost more time and money is when a ‘simple’ website wants to add new features not available with the chosen template design. Any type of change like that in design, layout, or function could take longer to apply to a ready-made site theme than just building an entire custom site from the start. Applying SEO to ready-made templates can sometimes be challenging.

When To Use A Custom Design

The best time to use a custom Houston web design when specific website or business needs are not available on a compatible template, meaning it must be coded by hand and inserted into the main layout. It is actually quite hard to change a template design rather than have a customized website design. Initial design can include whatever customization is desired as well as allow for any future changes to that design. Creating a mobile-friendly version or working with a customized responsive design would be easier as well.

Other benefits with a custom Houston web design is that there is no limit to the type of elements and ideas that can be used, all code will be written using the most current code options, and the only limitations would be the designer’s ability and the allowed budget. SEO is another important topic when creating any type of website, and there is no doubt that a custom design will offer the most freedom to add SEO efforts and apply custom optimization once a marketing plan has been determined.

When beginning a new Houston web design project, the initial determination should be made as to whether a pure template design, a customized template design, or an entirely customized web design is going to fit the needs of the company commissioning such work. Both Houston web designer and website owner should thoroughly discuss needs, expectations and goals, and how the website will be used as well as how long the job will take and what is the amount of the budget for this.

It is best to start off with whichever layout offers the most benefit at that time. Sometimes a template design is what can best be afforded to at least gain an internet presence. Then when sales have increased, a new custom website can be done to improve that initial Houston web design effort. The best advice is to do as much as possible as an initial good effort with a website will always leave a lasting positive impression with customers!

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  1. Hi Chris, great blog shared above. Thanks for sharing the comparison between ready made template & custom design. But i think custom design is a better option.

  2. Hey Mark! Thank you and yes I agree. I do like custom designs, but there are a ton of instances where it just won’t work. I’d say we get about 80% template work due to client’s budgets here — but we sure look forward to the 20% of the custom designs for sure!

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