3 Striking Options For Same-O Hamburger Menu Web Navigation!


Ah, the old hamburger menu, the tried and true staple of mobile web design.

While the hamburger continues to serve mobile users very well, some website design services may seek other options for their site updates if the hamburger bun seems a bit stale these days.

For those working with web update services to freshen the looks of their mobile designs, here are a few alternate menu ideas that can replace that same-o stacked menu design.

1. Bottom Bar Navigation

One of the easiest and most obvious options for replacing the hamburger menus is to replicate the menu bars on standard web designs by going either to the top or the bottom of the page.

Considering the scarcity of prominent real estate in a mobile design and the need to use all the above-the-fold space as efficiently as possible, a bottom bar navigation menu makes the most sense.

Website designers find that mobile users typically look to the bottoms of their screens anyway when the familiar hamburger menu isn’t immediately findable; that makes it the perfect location to put some navigation links.

A few clean text links or boxes at the bottom of the screen can take users to different pages or even open up to give them more choices that are hidden under the main categories linked at the bottom of the screen.

2. Full Screen Overlay Navigation

Another option for web update services looking to add a fresh, yet functional option for easy mobile navigation with obvious links is a full screen menu.

Developed to use link blocks or text overlays on top of the visual design, full screen menus can show main category links right on the page for easy use; some full-page navigation menus also include a thin sidebar with additional links indicated by familiar design symbols.

This design is attractive and simple to use, two of the main qualities of effective mobile web design.

3. Slide Out Navigation

Beyond the bottom bar and full screen navigation, many website design services are also seeing promise in mobile design with vertical slide out navigation menus.

This is another perfect idea for providing a full menu of links in a highly efficient way so the webpage itself is not interrupted.

Users can simply pull out the menu on any page and tap links, then slide it back into the sidebar.

With the amount of space for links a slide out menu provides without using valuable webpage space, this design in particular is being used more and more as companies try to fit more information into increasingly smaller spaces.

When The Hamburger Just Won’t Do – Try Another Menu Option

As successful as the basic hamburger menu can be for many mobile web designs, there are times when something a little more impressive but just as functional is desired.

Using these three great options, website design services can improve the look of websites without losing the ease of use that’s so important in mobile design.

Whether using a bottom bar, side out menu, or a full screen design, these are amazing options for any website update to keep up with current mobile design trends!

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