2019 Trends We Should Look At – Typography!


In the world of web design, typography is more than just letters or words on a page.

While the type does convey a textual message, it also creates impressions and moods, gives importance, and becomes another creative element that skilled web designers can use to create an effective design.

As we head into 2019, typography as a design element is once again at the forefront of great website design.

Web design services can expect to see some new and interesting trends in the creative use of typography.

1. Handwritten and Vintage Typefaces

The biggest trend happening today is the increased use of both handwritten and vintage fonts in web design.

They’re great for creating specific looks and feels, especially when a more personal or casual touch is sought.

Effectively used by web designers even together, these fonts can create a memorable website that leaves a lasting impression.

The Return of the Serif

Although the serif never technically went away, web design services have focused more on san serif fonts over the past few years than the serif varieties.

With the popularity of vintage and handwritten fonts increasing, so is the use of serif typefaces.

Geometric Typefaces

Many web design services point out that an alternative to the plain san serif font that’s gaining popularity is geometric typefaces.

These square, straight fonts definitely portray a more technical or business-like impression.

Used with other simpler san serif fonts or even certain serif types, geometric typefaces add a definite feel that some businesses may find to be perfect for their websites.

Large and Small Type Used Together

Varying the size of different typefaces used in a web design is a technique that comes in and out of style, just like the use of certain fonts.

As we move into the new year, this method is being revisited and revived by alternating different fonts using this technique.

The bigger-smaller idea is great for creating emphasis.

Colorful Typefaces

While it’s not unusual to use color fonts, web designers are seeing a growing trend of using colorful fonts with multiple colors, gradients, center lines, and other colorful effects.

In what has been a mostly black and white font world these past few years, appropriately used colorful fonts are really grabbing attention.

Cutout Type

Another creative use of typography showing up on some web designs is cutout type that reveals a background image beneath it.

Using this technique, designers can create depth on the page and offer more to look at than just flat type on a flat image.

Type As A Design Element Never Looked So Good

Following years of more subdued use of type, these new and exciting trends for 2019 are exciting and give web designers more to work with to create beautiful, functional websites.

Web design services looking to step out of the box and add something new to their designs should look into these great new trends in typography and how easily they can be implemented in fun and creative ways!

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