Which is the Better Web Design Process: Agile or Waterfall?


Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmThe web design process is a repetitive activity, accomplishing the same task over and over again for every project. Using a detailed design approach can speed up the process and help organize ways to help understand the role of the client in a project. Developing a website includes the actual design process, content management, web hosting, and scripting, all of which are integrated to bring out the best of a website. The good news it that it only takes a reliable Texas web design company to provide quality services at a low price.

One decision that must be made is to determine whether agile or waterfall design methods is the better option for the web design process.

Agile Approach

This project management approach targets the general needs of users, the product, and the budget. It helps a web design team react positively to changing web design needs in incremental and iterative cadences also known as code sprints. In an agile approach, every area of the development of the website is re-evaluated and revisited every two weeks so allow time to move in another direction if necessary. This is an inspect-and-adapt Texas web design approach to decrease time and developmental costs.


The good thing about an agile approach is that reinforces the interest of all stakeholders including the client, project manager and the rest of the design team while encouraging what is essential for project success.

  • Ensures superior customer satisfaction through adaptability.
  • Rapid return of investment by building a functional outcome through incremental and iterative process.
  • Has lower market risk due to the flexibility of accommodating alterations.
  • Better transparency among involved.
  • Better money and time saving opportunities.
  • More feedback from the end user so changes can be implemented.
  • Easily adapts to changing requirements.
  • High-quality output resulting in superior customer service.


  • Active user involvement and intense collaboration is needed
  • Requirements can emerge anywhere within the development cycle.
  • Lower emphasis on design and documentation.

Waterfall Approach

This is a cascading, linear, and sequential process. Each level of development has a corresponding distinct objective which must be carefully planned to detect any issues that could be encountered along the way. It is well-documented, planned, structured and predictable from top to bottom.


  • Layout errors can be captured ahead of time, saving more time during the initial phase.
  • Since the approach is structured, it can easily be measured by distinctly defined milestones.
  • Overall project expenses can be accurately approximated after all requirements are specified.
  • Easy to test.


  • There is no turning back. If the layout phase has issues, it would be very difficult to fix when implemented.
  • It is not flexible
  • Not all requirements are met.

Developing a website is not just about appearance and information presentation; it is about creating a website to be functional and usable, always directed with the user in mind. Quality web development could involve a choice between agile and waterfall methodology. Choosing the right one could mean the success or failure of an internet business. Each type of design has similarities and differences; if the necessary research is done about each method, then it should be possible to select the right one for a web design project!

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    • Both are commonly used however most clients prefer to be able see the entire process from the start and have a definitive timeline to know what work is getting accomplished. From experience it really depends on the personality and goals of the client and should be evaluated with a professional web design firm.

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