What Does an Old Outdated Website Say to Customers?


A website with a useful and attractive web design is a highly valuable marketing tool that can keep your company competitive in today’s business world.

Is yours sending the right message?

If your design is outdated, it may not be.

Even if you’ve worked with professional website designers in the past, web design is constantly changing and it’s critical that older sites be periodically evaluated and improved to ensure it looks and performs just as well as everyone else’s or you could lose customers.

Website Design Is Ever-Evolving

Digital technology is constantly changing and website design is changing with it.

As the internet becomes more personal and devices more capable, website designers are constantly developing new ways to take advantage of that to benefit everyone with a more user-friendly online experience.

Today’s websites look and perform night-and-day differently to those from five years ago and tomorrow’s sites will be different from today’s.

Of course, appearance is only part of the equation as all that change and development means improved and increased functionality along with the ability to do more with websites than ever before.

Outdated Websites Send the Wrong Message

Keeping your website design up to date is about more than just looks, although appearance is the first parameter that will affect whether people stay or go.

It’s about the message your company sends to both current and potential customers and web design firms find that outdated websites affect businesses in negative ways.

  • Users clicking onto outdated sites that don’t function like newer websites leaves many people wondering whether the company is reputable and should be trusted.
  • Users may question how secure the site is and whether the company is a serious business with the goal of pleasing its customers.

When your competitor’s websites look fresh, new, and secure, guess where those concerned potential customers are going to go?

Where they feel more confident and there is a message that their needs are being taken seriously.

Even Google knows when a website hasn’t been updated in a while, as traffic to more attractive and user-friendly sites plus a lack of current SEO practices frequently affects page ranking.

Is Your Website Outdated?

How do you know if your website is outdated and needs some attention from a professional web designer?

Just look around at other successful websites in your industry to compare it with your design aesthetics and functional features.

If your web design service hasn’t modified your website in the last 2 to 3 years, you’re seriously in need of a makeover and some important coding, security, and feature modifications.

An inability to improve page rank, an increasing number of bouncebacks, and not being mobile friendly can all be indicators that it’s time to look at site design and functionality as a whole.

Team Up With A Website Design Service

If any of the above points apply to your company website, then you’re long overdue for an update and need the services of a website design service to remedy it for you.

With an updated website design, you’ll send a message to your website visitors that they are important to your business and can be trusted to serve them.

Keep up with the competition by letting the design of your website speak positively about your company and get those customers back!

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