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Web design is a service-oriented industry that revolves mostly around customer service. The service itself, while it may be just another day’s work for those providing it, can seem especially complex to the consumer. Customers need websites that look certain ways and do certain things, yet many do not actually understand the intricacies involved in the development of a great website or even how to operate them properly. As a result, customers of any web design company need great customer service. Providing this support allows web design firms to create the best websites and keep customers happy.

Provide Clear Service Terms

One thing that is of major importance for service type industries, especially creative ones, is providing clear and concise rules on what customers get for their money, then working by those rules. Confusing terms and unclear service conditions are an area where customers can become confused and feel they are either being misled or nickel-and-dimed to pay for additional services. With clear terms that explain what is included with different web design services and the level of customer service that is included, a web design company can avoid any negative impressions.

Make Customer Service Collaborative

Customer service is something that often involves only front-end personnel; this can be a mistake with web design. Since it is the designers and developers themselves that must determine the best ways to resolve website problems, it is important for a web design company to involve these people in the customer service process. After fielding support inquiries, the appropriate designers and developers who have worked on a project should be incorporated into support efforts. This collaborative method using phone, email, chat, and even video conferencing can greatly improve customer support and shorten the time required to resolve issues.

Have a Protocol for Emergencies

Every customer’s website is a priority; however, there are always some events that should be considered customer service emergencies that require a higher priority, like a complete website outage. Keeping customers calm and happy involves having a protocol for determining true emergencies and quickly handling more serious support needs.

Build Customer Loyalty Through Great Service

Generally speaking, most web design services generate a good portion of their income from 20 percent of their customers, while 80 percent of customers generate the rest. Therefore, it is essential for a web design company to identify those 20 percent and provide the best service and customer support to retain their loyalty. By doing so, a service offering web design can keep its most important customers happy, and these loyal customers help convert remaining customers into loyal ones. All customers deserve the best service and support; however, those larger clients can influence others. Nurture the 20 percent to gradually increase this number by converting the other 80 percent.

Web design can be complex. Providing efficient, effective customer service is essential for any web design company to keep design customers happy. Fast, stress-free support makes it possible to provide superior customer care and build great loyalty, which grows the customer base. By simplifying the support process, making service terms less complicated, and having good support protocols in place, web design firms can better serve their customers!

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