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There are millions of websites online today, for all sorts of reasons. Yet just a relatively small percentage of them are actually efficient and functional. Great web design involves more than simply adding a few images and some text to a page. For any website to be effective, it needs to satisfy some important requirements. This is one of the most important reasons why a business often fares better when they work with a professional web design company, as opposed to creating their own website using a template. Without an understanding of the main ideas involved in the creation of a great, useable website, the effectiveness of the site will definitely suffer.

Website Look, Layout and Style

Before viewers can begin to appreciate the information provided by a website, they need to get past the main page and delve in. This is why a website’s appearance and layout are critical in attracting viewers and inviting them to look deeper into the site for what they want. Great layout and visual design is one of the most challenging parts of web design, since this is different for every company. The end product of the website itself must represent a company professionally and encourage users to explore further. It must also include efficient yet affordably updated design without requiring an entire redesign. Website style must both fit the company and follows current design trends.

Essential Functionality and Content

With the right look and layout, the next most important quality that every effective web design company must include is the proper function and information users look for. This requires a good understanding of the target audience. The web design company must know what they are want and how they need to use a website. A great user experience is very essential. This is found with web design that caters to the user in terms of layout, navigation, accessibility, colors, fonts, and media. The design must also provide viewer solutions that will keep their interest and serve their needs. Therefore, quality content and great function are essential parts of the best, most effective website designs.

Accessibility and Optimization

Once a layout and necessary functions have been determined that includes appropriate content, an effective website must be accessible – which can mean many things. Currently, it means a responsive site that can be viewed and navigated on any device. Yet there is more to accessibility than this. Users with special needs should be included as necessary, as should options in how media is viewed to create a positive user experience. Click-to-call, website contact boxes, and other necessities for easy use on mobile are also important. A website must be well optimized so that pages load quickly, media runs and views smoothly, and the site gathers good page rank as well. The goal is to create a website that can be quickly seen anywhere, that always functions well to be effective.

Effective web design requires much more than choosing the basics, then adding content. To be truly effective, a website must serve both the user and the company it represents by being attractive, user-friendly, and informative with efficient, professional design. For a winning website that can achieve all this and more, businesses are encouraged to work with a professional web design company to create an effective, profitable site to serve all needs, today and into the future!

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