Let’s Look At These Top 3 Trends for Web Design in 2020!

Every year, internet technology and website design progresses in leaps and bounds as developers strive to create a more capable, user-friendly, and profitable online experience.

Moving into 2020, this year will be no different as suggested by the new directions marketers and web design companies appear to be taking.

Entering [...]

Do You Know How to Safeguard Your WordPress Website?

WordPress website design security is a top priority that every site owner should be concerned about.

Although the WordPress platform offers an incredible amount of features and flexibility to make websites easier to maintain, your website is still susceptible to hacking just like any other site.

Keep your WordPress website [...]

How Can I Tell If My WordPress Website Been Hacked? – Test

Cyber-crime is definitely on the rise, so having a secure WordPress website design that is hack-proof is essential.

Still, even with advanced security features in place, your WordPress-designed website could get hacked or become infected as new threats continue to pop up every day.

Pay close attention to your [...]